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Friday, February 02, 2007

I am so excited

Yeah I can COMMENT more importantly YOU can comment. I love getting up and see I have comments. Okay since it works all of you have some catching up to do you need to comment here, here and here (unless you have already then you may post another comment but you do not have to!)

Okay I have a mini update on the AP drama got a call from the AP and she said after talking to her parents in Moldova she decided to give it another try. I reminded her that things have become alot easier since she first started and that would continue. She agrees. Mhh now its keeping your fingers crossed for me time.

I did take my new toy out last night just for a block to get acclimated to it since my English friend and I are supposed to go ride on Sunday. So I get back in the house and I had the hardest time catching my breath. Everytime I exhaled there was this ratteling, wheezing sound. WTF it was one block, I mean I know I am out of shape but one block ?!??!?!?! So I think it had more to do with the fact that it was rainy and about 33 degrees outside and I was breathing through my mouth. At least I hope that was it I'd hate to get my Asthma back this late in the game. Anyhow I will brave the elements again tonight and just take it one block at a time. I figured in Spring I should be good enough to start training Sassy to come with me.


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness - this will be the third attempt to post this comment to YOU. I have no clue where the comment I had intended for you is as it didn't end up on Angel's blog - and hers did on yours. Sorry! What I had said was that I was pleased to have made my way over to you via Angel. It was very comforting to me to find out I am not the only person feeling permanently challenged by Blogger and its HELP (?) section. Good luck with your toy - safe and happy riding.

Dino aka Katy said...

Dawn - no worries I just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for visiting I will read through your archives somepoint this weekend.

Jewels said...

I'm getting tired of Blogger's bitchiness. I've been going to my MySpace and my accounts more.
I've been grappling with switching to Beta blogger, but mhh, I think it'll just be more of the same.

Yay! Nice bicycle. If you haven't been active outside of your regular routine (work/work/home) ;)it might be possible that you were a bit out of breath, but that's a good sign, it means you're challenging yourself. Within a few days, you should be able to go two blocks, and so on. It won't take long. ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

jewles - i don't like the myspace blog its far more complicated than blogger to add images and stuff

yeah i haven't had much time to excercise the out of breath didn't worry me but the wheezing noises did. but i will go one block at a time and see how things are going

The Phosgene Kid said...

I run out of breath just lifting my ass out of a chair. It ain't Asthma! Nice bike!!

Justmee said...

I'm very proud of you that you even made one block. I'm so out of shape, I would have pulled out of the drive way and headed right back into the house. lol

Beth said...

I am so proud of you! Ride that bike girl!!

I so need to get my fat lazy butt on a bike, but I'm afraid the seat would get lost in my butt cheeks..

Library Mama said...

You're an inspiration!

I haven't ridden a bike since the first time I gave birth.

It's been over six years since I had my last baby. S'pose I should be recovered enough to ride again by now.


jin said...

I can comment!

THANK YOU for the gift certificate for my FAVE restaurant!!!!!
I can't WAIT to use it!!!

Second: Good for you getting that bike!!! D & I bought some 4 years ago & haven't even brought them out the past 3 years! spring, you remind me!!!

Last: COOL! New template!

Dino aka Katy said...

phos - thanks I like it too. I am going out for another try here in a minute- right now the pups are running around

justme - I am sure you'd be fine.

beth - thanks - and i could use a bigger seat to its not to compfy

mama - yeah come on join me we can have a blogger bike league

Jin - you are welcome I know how much you had on your plate. well its never to late once the snow is melting you can peddle to work. thanks i am not sure if I keep the template we'll see

angel said...

i hate that wheeze- i'm also asthmatic and the slightest healthy exertion gets me wheezing too!