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Saturday, February 17, 2007


So the weekend was pretty busy. Friday night I worked at the restaurant. Thank god it wasn't busy because besides Vinnie and me there were two new people and 2 busboys turned waiters that are not yet old enought to make drinks. So essentially I spend the night answering questions and making drinks.

Saturday I had to go up to Busch Gardens for the Alumni Orientation. We got to see the video for our new rollercoaster. I can't wait to ride it. They told us that they'd need people to ride it for photo ops and training I am hoping its on a day that I can make it. Otherwise I am sure I'd have to wait a few years to get on it because I am not waiting forever.
After the training I went to interview an new family and then went home. I went over to a friends house that night for "Craft club" and managed to scrap book 5 pages - sadly I am still working on the wedding book. I haven't started on the honeymoon or anything since then. I seem to only work on with when I make it to "Craft club".

Sunday it was back to Busch for more training the cool thing was I got my ID. This means that when I am in San Diego in a few weeks I can go to Sea world - for FREE!!!!!!!!! So I maped the hotel and its only 7 miles away from sea world. I am soooo excite I have never been andcant wait. I am even getting a new camera. Thanks to Mr. Jin for helping me pick one out. The only bad thing is the park is only open till 5pm so I will have to rush - even if I get to go on both days. But be sure I'll have plenty of good pictures


mr. jin said...

You are welcome Katy!!
Glad I could help!!

jin said...

Oh, I'm not much of a roller coaster rider...especially after last night. I watched Final Destination rollercoasters again, EVER!

Dino aka Katy said...

Mr. Jin - thanks D.

Jin - mhh I watched the first two FD's and according to the movies if you are supposed to die you will no matter if you play it save or not so you can still go ride