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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Happy Sunday everyone. Today was going to be a fun day. I had planned on sleeping in then meet my English Friend to go ride our bikes, meet the au pairs for the firesafety meeting and then hang out with Grumpy. Simple right? SO I get up and get ready and meet my friend at her house. From there I follow her to the Yorktown battle fields where we were going to ride. We had to pull into a a road on the left because her bike was getting loose. After fastening it we went on our way turning left onto the main highway. I had to wait and let 2 cars pass before I could turn so P. was ahead of me. I noticed the car behind her was getting up close to her and then driving to the left as if passing here. When we got near the intersection where we had to turn left that car pulls up next to her (2 turn lanes) and then the passenger gets out of the car. At that point the light turns I keep following her until she pulls over with her cell in the hand. Turns out the girl that was driving had flipped her off when she pulled alongside her which promted my friend to ask her if she could get any closer. After that things went south and the guy (passenger) started to curse her out and call her names. She tells him he is a rassist after he calls her a f*****n white bitch and he gets out. Walking towards her threatening to beat her up. She shows him the phone and tells him she is calling 911.

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So as we turn she gets behind the car to get the license and call it in to the 911 operator. I didn't really know what happend until after we stopped - I mean I saw but I didn't hear the exchange. So we wait for the cop to show up at a 7/11 to take her report. The thing was scary because at one time it looked like he was going for a gun. The cop takes our report and information and put the word out for the car. The interesting thing was that when they pulled up the license plate came up for a different car. See this car was a blue expedition and when they ran it it came back belonging to a red chevy???? The cop was super nice and after that we went on our way.

By the time we finally parked it was after noon but it was still only 34 degrees. We started pedaling and did about 2.2 miles in about 30 min. I have to admit so that the part where it went up the hill I had to push the bike. Even in the lowest gear it was to much for my knees. But hey walking is exersise too right? It was cold, I am still in no shape and it was not worth me blowing out my knee for it.

After we got back to the car I left to meet the Au pairs for the fire fighting meeting. I wont bore you with pictures but if you want to see them follow this link. It was a lot of fun and all the guys tried to participate. The poor rookie had to go up on the ladder in full gear just so he could waive at us.

So now I am planning on hanging out with Grumpy and the kitties and pups and relax.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you are ok. Road rage is a big issue here. Too many people packed into to small a space. Sounds as though the rest of your day was nice.

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - thanks. I do thinks people need to relax

jin said...

What an asshole!
I get cut-off all the time...I never do anything like that...hope the cops get him!

Keep us updated if you hear anything!

I glanced at the AP pics...I get that blog sent to my's the first place I knew you from!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - I will definatly let you know if something happens. I would have never responded and with that I am sure it got worse. I wish Grumpy had been with me he would have scared the crap out of that guy.

Oh cool I didn't think anyone ever looked at that blog.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - so if you get feeds from it how come you haven't commented?????

Bubs said...

Glad your confrontation didn't get any worse. We get at least a few cases every year when some normal middle class person honks their horn or flips off another driver, thinking nothing of it, and then gets beaten senseless by the other driver. Last one I remember was a 40-year old housewife, honked at another driver and wouldn't let him cut in traffic in front of her. At the next red light he pulled up behind her, walked up to her car and punched her repeatedly through her open window, knocking her unconscious.

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs - i know it could have been bad. the cop told my friend she shouldn't talk back or even make eye contact but still those people need to be stopped. I wish Grumpy had been there he'd taught him not to curse.

Steven Novak said...

Got's ta' love da' road rage! ;)


Dino aka Katy said...

Steven - well it makes for a good post at least

jin said...

LOL....I thought it was just for the AP's?!

Dino aka Katy said...

well yeah but noone ever comments :(