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Sunday, February 04, 2007

fun weekend?!?!?!?

Oh man I feel like I need another weekend. I know you all are tired of my posts consisting of bitching and complaining but since I am German which means no sense of humor and I have no talent for poetry or arts to dazzle you with ... so thats what you get.

So Saturday night pretty much sucked I had a $100 tap that left me $10 - but everything was awesome and they LOVED me. NEWSFLASH - IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY DO NOT GET THE SECOND BOTTLE OF WINE. And the rest of the tables were pretty annoying too. I went outside after my last table paid to check my messages. I had two from one of my HF. Their previous AP was going to leave today and had been a diva the past few months. Well Diva is an understatement she has been argumentative, sassy actually a total bitch. I told the family a few times they can still change but the HM is a dear and said it be fine. WRONG. The first message said the AP had taken the car without permission to meet with the exhusband of the HM and sideswiped a car. The HM was furious not only did she take the car without asking or permission but she met the ex with it and then recks it. The cops couldn't do anything about it because the car was in the Ex's name to. So the HM told her to get lost now. When I went out there today for the two week interview I heard getting rid of her was even harder. ALso turns out she pretty much extorted money from the new AP and the HM!!!!! Then my phone rings in the afternoon the HM totally upset. The AP is terroizining her per phone and text messages WTH? Psycho! The good news is the new AP it awesome, sweet, quiet the kids love her so the HM can look forward to some nice quiet time.

On other news I haven't seen Grumpy in like 3 days - stupid superbowl usually we get Sunday afternoons to hang out but he had to go into the bar. So I spend the afternoon goofing off doing some cooking and trying on the bandanas my mom made for the pups.


jin said...

I zoomed in on the pics...they are all SO cute!!! :-D

Sorry about the bad tipper (& the AP drama!) :-(

Have a better week! :-)

jin said...


Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - well with good models they had to turn out cute right?

Nicole said...

Awwww, your pups are so cute!

Jewels said...

The bandanas look great on your pups. Yay for Grammas who make bandanas! LoL!

Um, that AP wouldn't have lasted much longer in my presence with that kind of behaviour... Hmph! Some people's kids I tell ya!

Now, wait, aren't these Au Pairs from different countries? If so, don't they realize how detrimental this kind of behavior could be to them?

Steven Novak said...

I kind of want to see the pups fight...

Is that wrong? ;)


Dino aka Katy said...

Nicole - yes they are and this is not even look i am cute behavior

Jewels - she wouldn't have done that to me either but that HM is too nice.
yes they are from different countries and you'd think they'd behave but...

Steven - they play really rough outside and playfight a lot your welcome over anytime I am not sure I would venture outside while they are at it

Molecular Turtle said...

Geez sounds nuts. Sorry to heard about the weekend.

What kind of dogs are those, they're very cute. I'm thinking of getting one soon.

Not Ashley said...

Cute dogs--the black one looks like he posed for the picture. LOL.

Love your Okay, fine! Whatever?!?!? This is one our buzzwords at work, which helps us get through the day.

Dino aka Katy said...

Turtle - the beige one is a Great Dane (Lady Macbeth - aka Mac) we didn't have the heart to crop her ears and ducktape them to something so they'd stand up. The black one is a lab mix we got from the pound (Sassy) If you live in an appartment Great Danes are perfect since they are couch potatoes and love to hang out with you and watch TV

Not Ashley - she learned that pose from the Great Dane who in return learned it from the cats.

Nice buzzword - with me its more like a lifes moto since I tend to say or at least feel like saying it several times a day

angel said...

teehee- they look so cute!