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Thursday, February 01, 2007

AP drama, new toy and no comments

I know many of you can't comment - NEITHER CAN I. I changed the template the comments options and frankly now I don't know what else to change. If anyone has a clue please email me (dino 0477 @ gmail com)

I didn't get home until after 10pm last night. After the office I had to go meet a new family to do their interview and then meet the APs (A u P a i r's) for the monthly meeting. They all showed up so our little starbucks table at the Barnes and Noble was pretty full. I ended up having to talk to a few of them one to one so I held an audience in one of the compfy reading chairs. One found out that she can't go home after she gets married this summer but has to wait until they get her paperwork. She is bumped because she has been here for 2 years now. But if she did the immigration would not grant her a greencard and if you read Jin's entry about her hubby's struggle thats not something to repeat.

Then I spend 2 hours talking with another AP. This has been ongoing for a while and it boils down to that the AP feels she can not handle the kids (2yr old triplets and a 4 yr old). She has talked to the HM (h o s t m o m) and the HM has tried to do whatever she wanted but the AP feels like the things she needs changed can't be helped by the HM. The AP is terrified that one of the kids will get hurt because its 4 of them and so forth. I am going over to the house this weekend I told the AP I want this to be a mediation and asked her to write 2 lists one for the things she can't handle and one that would list what would have to change to make the situation better, give it 2 weeks and then meet for the exit (or if it worked just go on) The AP is pretty insistent that she made her decision but will do the lists and talk to the HM tonight about setting the weekend meeting. So wish me luck and wisdom because its going to be hard to find another AP for that family as the father is deployed until October. I will try to convince the AP to stay a bit longer until we can get a candidate for the family. She should be easy to place as she is IQ and aside from being overwhelmed with the girls (as most AP would be I am sure) has had no issues. So I wont have to worry about finding her a place to go.

Originally uploaded by dino0477 from T-Mobile.

As you can see I got myself a new toy. After meeting with the girls I hoped over to target to check out the bikes and they had this one on clearance for $59.99. I know I know its a guys bike but so what I don't care. The girls bikes where $20 more so I got this one. I really had forgotten how much I like to ride a bike until I was at my moms and did it there. Grumpy had a helmet for me so I just went and got a light for the bike since more often than not I will be out in the dark. I tried taking it for a spin last night despite the hour and the below freezing temperature but the lack of air in the tires stopped me. So Grumpy is to fix it today so I can ride after work. Eventually I want the doggies to come with me but it will take some training. So if you have trained your dog to run with you while your on a bike please share the best way to do it. (I am hopefull the comment situation will resolve soon


Beth said...

are you kidding me? Have you seen my dogs? they are fat lazy slugs! They'd take one look at that bike and run in the other direction! But good luck and I hope you don't run your dog over!

Dino aka Katy said...

well I haven't started training yet. First I need to get in shape. last night i did a tour around the block (granted it was 33 degrees and rainy) but I ended up wheezing for hours as if my asthma came back.

I think I will start with walking her and the bike you know me on one side her on the other and then gradually move to riding the bike.

The Phosgene Kid said...

It sounds as though you the AP stuff and your Busch garden job have a lot in common -they are both zoos. Good luck - even police don't like getting in the middle of a domestic disturbance!! Selecting the comfy chair helped - show them who the boss is, the boss always has the comfy chair.

Dino aka Katy said...

phos - never thought about it like that but yeah sometimes its like that. i have to say my AP's are good and respect me and often take my advice. there are still enought of the once here that have been around a while and they know i am usually right and I find out about everything!

angel said...

wow... you're a lot braver than i am buying a bike and all that!