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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So much for my diet

Okay so here are some photos from Sundays holiday party. It was a great sucess. We had 67 people there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of kids that where playing APs chatting and HF mingeling. We had a potential family attened that since started their application (YAHHH) and there were several people exchanging recipies.

Here you can see some of the desserts. I tell you what for amateurs they did really yummy. I cheated on the desserts I went to the world market and got German Christmas cake and cookies. I wish I had taken photos of all the yummy dished but I didn't even get to try all of them :(. All in all I think it went great. I did pick up a vibe that people where annoyed they had to be there (HF have to come to one event a year) but it may just have been the fact that everyone got lost on account of map quest. I know you were all waiting on a photo of me and Grumpy ahmn Santa here you go.

What you don't like it? Come on I worked hard on this. I have kodak software installed on my work computer and played around with it. This is my favorite picture.

Well if you insist on on another one how about this? Its not to bad. I still like the black and white one better but oh well

Find if you must see the original one here it is.

So between Thanksgiving, housing au pairs and the holiday party my diet went down the drain. So I was hellbent to get back on it and then the drug reps start bringing food. I don't know whats up this year maybe they all took a course in whats good but they keep bringing stuff I like. Monday it was chocolate - caramel popcorn and today a patient brought a big box of assorted Belgian cookies and chocolates.

I did get my first Christmas present today from my mom, a magic bullet. I had eye balled them when the infomercials came on but decided I didn't need it bad enough to spend the money. I love it its perfect. I made my soy protein shake in it tonight. Sooooo cool. There was also a quilt she made and a a handmade bag I will use for my scrap book stuff. Its a winter theme very cute.


Justmee said...

wow great pictures. Love the one with you and Grumpy. My son wants a magic bullet for xmas. He wanted one last year, but they were way expensive. He might be getting one this year. He loves to make shakes. The party looked fun actually. Hope you saved us some dessert? :)

jin said...


I thought a 'magic bullet' else, & I couldn't believe that you wrote about it on here! Ok...well, now I know & I'm glad you clarified that! LOL!!!

That is a SWEET pic of you n grumpy! I LOVE the black & white one, too!!!

Hey, it's ok if you slipped on the dessert was only for a few days, right?!
No worries!

Dan said...

HA HA! I'm with Jin on the magic bullet. I had to Google it! ;)

What a turnout, huh? Next year maybe you'll have to rent an arena.

Dino aka Katy said...

justmee - thanks. BTW if you check online they are running a 2 for one for the magic bullet so you can get one too. I love the thing. Sorry no dessert left but I still have some pasta salad come on over and enjoy.

Jin - get you mind out of the gutter!! THis is a PG rated blog after all!!!! Yea thats it a few days *turns around and mutters - more like a few weeks*

Dan - you and Jin I am telling you PG blog no such things on here! I don't think I have to worry about next year. They are splitting my group up since I can only have 15 families so next year unless I do it together with the new coordinator I will have a much smaller turnout.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like the party was a hoot! Magic bullets and mystic wieners for everyone!!!

Steven Novak said...

67 people!?!

Holy shit...

My anti-social ass would have had a heart atttack!! ;)


Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - yeah it was great!!!

Steven - it definately was a lot but 3/4 of the people were kids so it wasn't to bad.