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Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday night out

Originally uploaded by dino0477.

Finally - the week from hell is over and Grumpy and I are heading to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra.
01 - Angel Came Do...

This was my 6th consecutive show and Grumpy's 4th. This has been our little Christmas tradition in the past few years. Normally we catch the show intown but this years show was on November 17 and that was way to early for me to listen to Christmas music. So we decided to catch the show in Richmond (about 1 1/2 away) instead.

I am not big on Christmas music honestely the only one I like is the one from the trans siberian orchestra. See the kind of music I like - the artists tend not to make a Christmas CD. Can you imagine a Metallica Christmas CD? Or how about Ozzy? See my point but the Trans siberian orchestra is Rocks answer to Christmas music. If you have not seen them live you MUST I instist. The show is amazing. We always sit in the cheap seats to get the full effect of the light/laser show. The orchestra always uses local musicians for the string instruments and I tell you it amazes me everytime the skill it takes to do the show. The first part of the show is a Christmas story and then after that the artists are introduced and on the show goes. I went ahead and try to get some snippeds on my cell. Since we where in the nosebleed section it is not the best but you can't say I didn't think about you :). I also went and looked for a site that lets me upload songs and found eSnips, I hope it works.

12 - Old City Bar....

Here are the once I took with my cell. As you can see we were in the nose bleed section I think I am becoming afraid of heights in my old day and I tell you those stairs were not easy on my knees I guess the high heel boots weren't helping either

11 - Requiem (The ...

Here is the version I got on my CD Requiem is the title

The concert was awesome.

10 - Ornament.mp3

See the place where it was held had sent out an email letting us know about their club that would offer dinner it was located in the venue and the idea sounded perfect - have a nice dinner and then walk to your seat and enjoy the show. They called a couple of days prior to confirm out reservation and told us to be there at 6:30pm.

Well as always I was running late at work so I rushed home and we left for our drive since we knew there was going to be traffic.

08 - Christmas Eve...

We made it with 5 minutes to spare and I said it out loud to which Grumpy just said no now you jinxed it. Yep he was right they wouldn't let us in until almost 7 then it took forever to find the club thing and there we had to wait to get seated. Arrrrg the food sucked so did the service and they didn't even have tea!!!!!!

Well we got to our seats and apparently the people in Richmond do not know how to read tickets. The 2 rows in front of us kept having people get up because they were in the wrong row or section this went on forever!!!!

02 - O Come All Ye...

So and if you still need a reason to see the show - they always donate part of the money from the tickets to a charity. In Hampton it was the Make a wish foundation in Richmond they gave the money to a Breast cancer foundation. See good cause.

If the individual song files don't work click here to go to the folder.


The_phosgene_kid said...

So did you record it on your cell phone? I need some new X-mas music...

Justmee said...

Oh how cool is that? Lucky You! :)

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - yes I did some videos and sent them to utube. I will link it later

Justmee - it is so awsome you should check them out

Ashley said...

Well that would be a fun night.
I've always wanted to go to a classy event such as that.
Lucky .

Dino aka Katy said...

Ashley - check out their website I will link it to the post. THey music is not nessesarly what people call a classical event but its awsome.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Wow, it was just as though I were there except I didn't have to pay. Bonus!! Thanks Katy!!

Justmee said...

The cell one was a bit choppy, but I did listen to the snips. Wow they sound great.

Molecular Turtle said...

That was pretty nifty. Way better than the "Christmas classics" that I had to listen to while working retail. I recommend When Santa Clause visits the getto and AYE AYE AYE it's Christmas time.

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - you are welcome. You need to go see them!

Justmee - I was actually surprised on how good the cell came our considering we were so far away. I like the new avatr its sooooo cute

Turtle - I will have to remember that.

Steven Novak said...

You lucky bastard. :)


The Lone Beader said...

Ozzy ROCKS! I don't know about him doing a Christmas CD, though... I don't think he can do much these days... LOL

Nicole said...

Oh, a Metallica Christmas album! That's what I am waiting for to start the holiday right. I miss head banging, it was such a great thing to do when my head wouldn't shut up.

Dino aka Katy said...

Stephen - thanks it was fun

Beader - I am with you on Ozzy

Nicole - yeah I miss those days too. Damn I hate getting old.

The_phosgene_kid said...

I'll wait 'til my ears clear - I can't hear a damn thing. 'tis the season - cold and flu season, that is!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - I took the liberty and am posting your comment in the email to me here

Tried for ages to leave a comment at your place but couldn't do it.
Damn blogger! I'm going beta next week.

It was:
Just zooming by to say hello! Will watch your clips after I close...4
days & counting!!!!!!!!!
Do you still have to work all this week at the office?

Glad you enjoyed the TSO show!!!

jen :-)

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yes I have to work in the office until thursday but I got to work Fri/Sat at the restaurant.

Phos - sorry about the cold. Get some rest and theraflu - love that stuff nice hot and lemony

angel said...

that sounds fabulous! i'd love to hear them live!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - I know they have toured outside of the US so you may get a chance.

Dan said...

I was going to say "Have fun" but it sounds like you already did. So I'll say "Glad you had fun". ;)

jin said...

You have to work at the office on Friday.
At the office.
FRIDAY afternoon, probably.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - WHAT DID YOU DO?????????