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Thursday, December 28, 2006

... of shoping crazyness and goodbye's

Okay so I have never understood the people that bankrupt themselves for Christmas. I actually resent Christmas shopping these days because it is expected. It used to be you do it because you want to make SOMEONE ELSE happy. Now you have to, it is expected. I have for the last few years made it a tradition to collect all my change in a gigantic budweiser bottle and that is what I use for Christmas money. Grumpy agrees with this and has his own bottle of change. Obviously we never have enough change for huge gifts but that is the point this way we have to be creative about what we are giving and more importantly it comes from the heart not the wallet!
Here is all my change that I had dumped on a tray this was December 7th. Looks pretty good doesn't it. I had a lot less this year because the restaurant I am working at does not cash out our credit card tips every night - we get them in our paychecks once a week.
Well this is what it looks like when its all sorted. I had over $108 in coins and Grumpy had $40 something (he had to break into it a couple times this year since it was a bad year financially). But anyhow this is more then enough to work with.

Here are my Christmas eve pictures ;)

Here are Grumpy and Mac on Christmas eve. I still can't believe that Mac weights 146 pounds. Sassy weighs excactly 1/2 of that.

Isn't she the cutest baby every? Look at that face.

Well as always on the last Wednesday of the month I met the girls at Barnes and Noble yesterday. We wrote 20+ cards that I am going to send to soldiers overseas to cheer them up. It was also one of the girls's last meeting (3rd on the left).
She is going back home on Tuesday and while she is excited about going home, she seemed pretty sad about leaving. I have to say I am sad about seeing her go as well. She was one of my great au pairs that I will miss alot.

On a happy note: My buddy the squirl is back. He came to my window at work today to say hello but I didn't get my camera out in time.
You can see him in the branches towards the top. See him? No here let me get up and get closer.

Better? Do you see him now? He is a cutie and very friendly.

Well I better be off. We gave Grumpy's nieces each a movie ticket with a note that its good for one night at the AMC with us. The oldest one is cashing hers in tonight to go see Eragon. The movie looks interesting enough despite the bad reviews. I haven't read the book so I am sure I'll enjoy it. I have noticed the movies rarely do the books justice so I try not to read the book until after I see the movie. The only one where I thought they captured the book pretty well was Queen of the Damned.

I'll try to catch up with you all's blogs before the year is over I promise.


Beth said...

that is a great idea about the change...I might have to try that.

Are you always such a good girl...writing notes to the troops? god, I am such a loser.

I have a squirrel too! His name is Sammy and he comes right up to my window for peanuts...which reminds me, I need to go shopping.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The book, Eragon, was all right, but I though the author brought the character along to quickly. He went from country bumpkin to dragon warrior in the blink of an eye.

Hmmm, squirrel...

Dino aka Katy said...

beth - just because you don't write cards does not mean you are a looser. I am not sure I would be doing it if it hadn't been for someone that is dear to me that is in the Marines. While she is not overseas it kind of makes everything seem more real.

Phos - I agree the movie was good but things came along to quickly Eragon didn't seem to learn things he knew them but the how and why got lost. But hey he was still nice to look at especially without the shirt

Justmee said...

Loved the change idea. Think I'm going to start one for next Christmas. Also, what a wonderful gift you have given to the soldiers who are away from their family this holiday season.

I'm doing well, and the ipod was not his. :( He did end up getting another one for xmas.. This one will NOT be taken to school. lol

Have a wonderful New Year Katy and Grumpy, and of course we can't leave out Mac's and Sassy!! :)

Dino aka Katy said...

Justmee - we write the soldiers once a month I am not sure if they got the november letters in time for the holiday.

sorry about the ipod.

I hope you have a great year to but if you don't want to leave anyone out - then the cats should be included as well (Misty and Cleo)

Justmee said...

lol Omg how could I have forgotten the cats? Shame on me!! Happy New Year Misty and Cleo!

Dino aka Katy said...

justmee - its okay I told them you didn't meant to and that there was an emergency that cut your comment short

angel said...

i love the idea of all the change for christmas presents!
and reading the rest of your post just amazed me on how people's perspectives can differ- i was immensely disappointed with the movie "queen of the damned" because i thought they completely stereotyped the characters and ignored the book completely!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - it has been a few years that I read the book so maybe my memory was fuzzy but I loved the movie nevertheless. I didn't like the interview with a vampire movie at all