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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Now what?!

This weekend has been pretty crappy so far.

Friday night was slow and we had 5 instead of 4 waiters inside so our sections where cut smaller which meant less tables. I didn't care to much since one of the girls had asked me to work her Saturday shift.

Saturday was a busy morning I had to go do an interview with a repeat family and a 2 week orientation with one of my other families. Then I had to go back to the first family because I had forgotten my coat. One home I went to let the pups outside since it was nice when Sassy tripped me (I was holding her collar to put her on the long leash) and I fell on my bad knee. Needless to say the rest of the afternoon I spent on the couch with an icepack until I had to leave for work. The owner ended up sending me home to rest my knee since it didn't look like they were going to be busy enough for 6 of us. I wasn't all that happy about it since I could really use a good paycheck the once of the past few weeks were nothing to write home about but then resting my knee was probably better in the long run. So I spent the evening on the couch with an ice pack.

Today started out nice. I slept in made fried potatoes for break fast, my knee wasn't as swollen or painful and then the phone rings! The caller ID says its one of my families, one I talked to earlier this week about how the AP has been slacking this she started dating some guy. I am holding my breath hoping its a call saying all it well but no.
The husband was on the phone pointing out some additional things that happened. As he tells me about the boyfriend and how he is worried he is moving to fast (they have seen each other for 3 weeks and the guy is talking about a ring and going to see her family and bring them here ...) and so forth I dawns on me

that's JIMMY.

The husband says yes in deed it is, SHIT!!!! Jimmy is the restaurants owner best friend, the guy that was dating one of my coworkers there for over a year and the relation ship was a frigging nightmare. He is a manipulative jerk that has to control everything. I had front row seats to the last one and that girl is talking to a councilor now.


now what do I do? Do I warn the AP about the guy tell him what her live will be like? He proceeded the same exact way with his last girlfriend. I mean the AP is madly in love with the guy and I can see how this would seem like a fairytale to her. She comes from Mexico to this country and there is this older guy with money that wines and dines her and promises the world to her. And I know even if I decided to tell her what I witnessed with his last relationship she most likely wont listen, but my question is should I try to warn her or let her run into an open knife? I mean I don't care if my boss would be pissed and fire me for it so that doesn't factor into this I just wonder if I should just give her the FYI or just let it be and watch her being used and tossed as so many before her?

Bad picture of me (preshower and all) but great shot of Cleo posing as a parot while I was writing this post. She loves to look over my shoulder.


Dan said...

I slept in made fried potatoes for break fast.

I'm drooling all over the keyboard here! I hope you saved some for me!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

You know what they say...

Love is stupid...

Unless you're in love...then it's just ignorance (much like the guy above me).

Dino aka Katy said...

Dan - nope ate them all. I have been cutting out potatoes out of my diet for several weeks and I tell you they where GOOOOOOOOOD.

Hippo - thats why I figured that even if I tell her it may fall on death ears, but I would also hate it in the end when she asks me why I didn't warn her?

Hey you and Dan need to play nice - rememeber its the season for forgiveness!

jin said...

I can just eat a huge plate of potatoes for a meal...MMmm....I might just do that tonight!

Ugh...the AP...the guy is trouble, but she'll never listen to you. Don't suppose there's any chance getting the exgf to talk with the girl???

p.s. D wasn't into seeing the TransSiberian Orchestra. I might push it if it wasn't in Milwaukee...I told you I HATE driving in Milwaukee. It's even worse in winter.

Justmee said...

Ok, I read the entire post, and I didn't see one word about potatoes. lol

I would tell her and then let it be.. cause bottom line, we all have to learn on our own.

Sorry about your knee, hope its feeling better.. Cleo is gorgeous.

Im with Katy on the forgiveness.. that or move the f'k on.. Cause it's getting old. :)

Dan said...

Katy, you say I need to play nice. What did I do?

Steven Novak said...

I thought my cat was the only cat that liked to play parrot.

Go figure. ;)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Wow so now you are in the mail order bride business? Hope your knee is better. Mine is permanently screwed up so you have my sympathy...

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah I luv potatoes. I miss them :(. I could get the ex to talk to her but I wouldn't exactly discribe her as stable since he did quiet a number on her and I agree I doubt it would work. Sorry you miss out on TSO. One of these days.

Justmee - it was the 3rd paragraph Today started out nice. I slept in made fried potatoes for break fast, my knee wasn't as swollen or painful and then the phone rings! Yeah I think what I'll do is talk to her and then she can run her head in the wall. Who knows they may even work out weirder things have happend and according to recent news there where some pigs that learned to fly (with the help of some guys)

Dan - the playing nice was aimed at hippo and your feude.

Steven - go figure they all like to imitate the parrot. I think its about being above you that lets them to do it.

Phos - yeah I figured I branch out! sorry about the knee mine got bad after I crashed on a motorcycle and the knee hi the edge of the side walk with the bike slamming it into it.

Justmee said...

Yeah see it now. I went back and re-read that paragragh and thought, how did I miss that? It was at the begining of the sentence. lol I blame it on my eyes.. I wasn't wearing glasses, and if you notice too, what time it was when I read that post. lol

Dino aka Katy said...

justmee - thats okay I have missed things plenty of time.

angel said...

hoo boy- sorry your weekend was so rough... its a tough thing to handle when you know something about someone that could hurt someone else, especially someone you love.