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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Originally uploaded by dino0477.

Here is Misty she was watching King Arthur with Grumpy and I yesterday. She is not as much of a cuddly cat as Cleo - she is little Miss Independence everything has to be done on her schedule.


The_phosgene_kid said...

That is one cozy kitty.

Dan said...

What a sweet little cat! When I was a kid I thought cats and dogs were the same species -- the cat being the female, the dog being the male. So I thought that it was natural that they would chase each other! ;)

I see you're also having the problem where non-Beta bloggers can't comment on your Beta blog w/out jumping through hoops! Ugh!

angel said...

aaw she's a beaut! you must go check out my furry masters in my flickr link... none of mine particularly love cuddling- but taxi follows me everywhere, greebo sleeps with my son, and grampa scratchy never comes out of the bedroom!