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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to the world of chaos ...

... this is the post about fired nurses, fathers threaten with lawyers, crazy mothers and greedy A_P's.

First of I will refer to the girls as A_P since I have been getting hits from people searching for the two words and I would hate to have one of my families find my page and read me ranting and raving. As for the mom and dads they will be H_M and H_D and the fams H_F.

So now lets get this show started.

  • I got a voice mail from a HD (He is moved out and they are in divorce proceedings, the kids are with her) upset that the new AP was chosen without his input. I called him back yesterday after checking with the account (where he is not listed on) and the HM (who does not want him to know the info on the new AP because she feels he may call her up) and told him that with his name not on the account I could not reveal any information. His response was fine then you will hear from my lawyer! To which I said that's fine but the lawyer really would have to talk to the Coorporate office. He threw the lawyer thing around a few more times but when he realized I wasn't going to get intimidated by it he ended the conversation.

  • Last week an AP told me that the HM's nephews keep telling her what a bad person the HM is. I told her to keep an open mind (HM so paranoid someone will kidnap her kid ect...). Last night I get a call from the HM saying she did not think the AP will work out as she is not connecting with the kid. (remember the HM is home all day, drives the kid everywhere, volunteers in his school and the AP is not allowed to go anywhere with the kid) I listened to her and made some suggestions as to involve the AP but she was saying the AP wont do anything right. SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HOW SHE ALWAYS GETS THE LAZY AU PAIRS (BTW AP is her 9th she had quite a few with the previous agency and previous AP was the first that stayed past one month out of all of them). I did not tell her that I found it hard to believe that all those AP's were bad (at 9 AP's I think the HF should take some responsibility for the failures!) but I suggested maybe the Latin American culture did not match her families need. She said no it's because she was black! I told her I did not think that was the problem as I had black families with Latin American AP's and they had no problems. I did suggest that since the kid is in school all day and the AP doesn't drive him back and forth that maybe she is better off with just a college student/baby sitter and spend the next 30min talking them out of the program. The HM also said that all these AP just come here to learn English and go to school and stay here illegal not to take care of kids. I told her that the learning English and going to school is part of the program as is cultural exchange and child care but she said none of her AP's seemed to want to do the childcare. She also said the AP only wanted to train the first weekend because she wanted to start to work right away so she could get paid. I reminded her they get paid every week no matter what (she didn't like that). Anyhow she said she'd see how things are going with the AP but she felt it would not change within the next week and she'd have to leave.
  • The above mentioned AP sent me an email last night. Saying she's been having problems with the kid who is not listening to her or wanting to do things with her and that the HM would not give her the weekend of in October because she came in the middle of it. She also said the HM's nephew told her again about thing in regards to the HM, things she did not want to be associated with. So I will be spending the next week talking the HF out of the program. Of course it would help to get some feedback from cooperate on this but they are in off site meetings for the next two weeks.

  • So then I get a call from another coordinator today in regards to one of my girls that moved away. She had attended college using that coordinators sponsoring program. Well she got the college to refund her money but in order to do that they deleted all her info about having ever been there. So that lady tells her that means you did not get your credits and the girls goes oh now I have a letter from the teacher and Katy said she'd sign off on my form. EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!? Needless to say I sent the girl an email copied the office and her new coordinator in it saying that the letter only works if it can be verified which since she had herself erased to get the money- is not possible.

And then to make my week perfect I found out today one of our nurses is getting laid off. And who do you ask will have to help triage patients and work up front. Yeah is me and my manager. WHICH totally sucks. I hate triaging and all that crap never mind the fact that I do not have time for it. I have a hard enough time staying afloat with my stuff without having to do someone elses job too. I have been here a few times and it sucks every time and I end up behind in my work where I have to come in on weekends to get caught up (and I don't get paid for that) and/or make mistakes because I am doing to many things at once. I can not wait to be done with school and get a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now its off to finish my blood work and sent it out and then I have to run to the restaurant and on the way home I have to make a house call and drop of meds for one of my patients.

Isn't life grand? Not to mention that I missed out of a study where the meeting is in Chicago today and tomorrow. I am mean I don't care about the study but I could have gone and have this for dinner with Jin not to mention all the desserts I could have eaten.

However there is some light in the tunnel it seems I have the weekend off I am so excited. I am hoping this will be more often now that we have plenty of servers and Busch is closed until Spring. Just imagine 2 days off hell even one would be awesome. Hope your week is better than mine.


jin said...

Oh, your week SUCKED!
Sorry about that?!
Hopefully you will have a nice quiet weekend!
*fingers crossed*

Dino aka Katy said...

I am hoping that too.

Polyman3 said...

What a crazy time
you've had this week.
Poor girl, got to relax,
hopefully everything will
work out.

Dino aka Katy said...

hi Poly, long time no see. I am hoping for some me time. I have a invite for a craft club tomorrow night which I think about taking since that will be the only way of how I am ever gonna finish my scrapbook.

Dan said...

Dino/Katy, first thanks for visiting my little depraved corner of the blogosphere. Second, I admire your last thought -- looking at the bright side of things ... the coming weekend.

Keep this attitude and life will always be more tolerable. But you obviously already know this! ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

thanks Dan for visiting and the encouraging words.

The Phosgene Kid said...

MOst problems in the US revolve aroudn lawyers, I do have a remedy for that - New Zealand apparently doesn't allow law suits.

That A_P stuff sounds like it is more trouble than it is worth.

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - it seems like that sometimes but then there are rewards like when they made me a gift basket for my b-day and sang happy b-day to me.

The Phosgene Kid said...

So like can I put in an order for a couple of young Bavarian girls??