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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

not fair

It is hard enough to be on a low carb diet working at an Italian restaurant but I have done okay the last few weeks. I do okay in the office to because the food drug reps and patients bring us is usually not something I would try (between being German and having tasted Jin's creations I am spoiled) unless ...
It is homemade greek desserts. I could not believe my eyes and nose when I walked into our kitchen this afternoon. There is a platter with all my favorite greek pastries. I tried to stay away I really did but I am sorry lets face it unless I go to the annual greek festival I do not get to eat any pasties so I said to hell with the diet and went for it. I limited myself (so far so good) to 2 pieces. I had still some coffee (Esspresso mixed with Raspberry Chocolate from Gevalia) and took a few minutes on my desk to enjoy this treat. Of course it will be up to me to eat the rest as none of the people on the office truly appreciate this. They rather eat store bought donuts?!?!?!?! So question Jin: Can I freeze these and eat one at a time?


jin said...

Yes, you can freeze them...just wrap them well so they don't absorb any other 'freezer flavours'.

As for people not appreciating used to get that here. In the beginning when our prices were cheaper we had many 'different' customers. The type that is used to deep fried doughnuts & chemical frostings &, basically...CRAP! They would complain about our cakes not being sweet enough, or the bars not being BIG enough, etc etc etc. When we upped our prices, they quit coming in & went back to the supermarket crap they loved so much.

There is no accounting for taste with some people. Although, fast food, in-store bakeries, etc. ARE an ADDICTION. They put a HUGE amount of chemically derived 'NATURAL FLAVORS' in their stuff which does create an addiction in the body to consume MORE chemically derived 'natural flavors'.

There's a book called Fast Food Nation that goes more into detail on how these chemical dependencies work.

Sometimes I can tell, when a customer comes in & is hesitant about ordering something, if they aren't going to be happy with my TOP quality. If I get the feeling I send them elsewhere right away...I don't even want to deal with people who want cheap crap.

Story: had a girl come in about a wedding cake a few months ago. She was coming in last minute & needed it in 2 weeks. She picked a style, I quoted her $700.00, she gave me $100 down to save the date. She walks back in the next afternoon with a photo from a lady who does cakes in the next town over & asks if I can do that one for $700. I said CERTAINLY NOT! That one would cost you $1,400 from me. She says, "Well, the other lady can do it for $700, why can't you?" I explained that I do everything from scratch etc etc etc....I finished with "Our cakes taste GOOD. She uses box mixes." The girl looks at me & says, "It doesn't really matter how it tastes, I guess."

W T F ???

I handed her back her $100 down payment & said, "If you don't care what it tastes like you GO somewhere else."

She looked kinda stunned & then left. LMAO!

Dan said...

I have yet to taste Jin's creations. I am working on finding a solution to the geographical gap that separates me from dessert freshness. ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

thanks Jin I will see if I can find a way to stack and freeze them tomorrow

Dan - mhh you can always come for a vacation. I am sure Jin will be happy to deliver to hotels around the US if you give her the address and heads up enough ahead of time. You really should try them they are to die for

Polyman3 said...

I talked to Jin about ordering soon, but got to wait till everyone is off their diets in my house.
She is awesome and molto intellegente.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Is that Meth? You can freeze everything, but some stuff is really disappointing after it thaws. Don’t believe me, try freezing celery some time.

Jewels said...

Oooh, Greek pastries! Love them! My favourite is the Baklawa with the custard filling. Oooh, YUM!!!!!
Jin, good job telling girlie 'where to go' ;)
I think Dan should deffinitely order some of Jin's goodies, Heck, she's shipped some to me all the way up here in Canada, eh? ;)Katy and I will BOTH vouch for the ooey, gooey deliciousness you WILL experience! LOL!

Dino aka Katy said...

Poly - no need to wait for them to go off the diet the cookies wont make you fat they are organic.

Phos - yeah that's it!!!!! I had some veggies that frozen and thawed did not taste good.

Jewels - I am not crazy about Baklawa we did have thos too. And I agree with you about Dan. New Jersey is not that far.