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Thursday, November 09, 2006

oh gee where to start

What a week,

I am so ready for the Island. So the AP from the family that I wrote about (bitchy, controlling HM) has been staying with us since Monday. She is nice and not to bothersome but damn my phone is ringing non-stop. I never give out my home number so its odd to have it ring all the time. I have been trying to find her an new family and may have succeeded today. We'll see. I haven't had a quiet night in all week so after picking up the AP Monday and bringing her to the house I finished my paper just in the nick of time. Tuesday night I had to work at the restaurant. I ended up serving a funeral party that turned out to be more of an Irish wake. I got home about a quarter to midnight. Wednesday night I went a precooked some food for me to eat on my diet. Which is working in more than one way (guys you may want to skip the next line)

I am sure I am the only female that's happy about getting a P. which I did yesterday. The awesome news is that this was the first time that it happened in the time frame nature intended and without medication so there is a chance I may be getting better and who knows I may be able to be pregnant after all.

So after cooking a bunch of low carb German food I finished homework and crashed around midnight. Today was hell. It started with a call to my house phone from one of my Latinas saying her HM says she wanted a new AP. Now this is not news as they have been having problems but obviously she is still upset especially since this is her 2nd family that's not working out and it will be hard to find another one for her. I ended up putting my cell on vibrate so not to get fired. I think while at work I had/made about 50 calls trying to find the girls new homes and I have 3 families looking for new girls. TI tried to match them up with each other but that wont work so I should have a fun weekend. here is a good chance by next week I'll have two house guests. What fun! Well tomorrow night should truly be fun! It's my friend Paula's b-day today and we all are going out. So now I'll finish flipping back and forth from OC to Grey's Anatomy check my homework and then sleep. I have been trying to keep up with every ones blog but its been hard so sorry for the lack of comments.


Keshi said...

what a bust girl. Take it easy and have a great weekend :)


Brioche said...

Thanks Aunt Katy for linking to me! I have some photos of my birthday party, maybe Mum will help me upload them this weekend!
sloppy kisses

Dino aka Katy said...

keshi - i am hoping too, night out with my girl friend tonight, tomorrow i only work at the restaurant for a bit and I am off on sunday

brioche - hy pups. of course I linked to you after all you are my favorite bakery dog. I saw 2 of the birthday pictures on you mums blog and they looked adorable, seemed you had fun I'd kove to see the rest. Can't wait to come and visit you again.