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Monday, November 13, 2006

small world

The introduction of the internet seems to make our world much smaller.

This weekend I was talking to a new HF and when I asked what they thought about the AP in their account they mentioned they had not know he is there. So I left them with the request to please contact him right away to see if he is a match. Well they could not get in touch with him and asked me for help. So I look over his application to see if there was maybe a spelling error or something else when my eye caught a name. I scroll back and there it is A.K. Mhh strange I thought I had an AP with that exact name from that country 2 years ago. Then it hits me she told me a while ago she was working for the agency in her home country prior to coming back to the US to study. So I email her and tell her about the AP and the fact I can't track him down if she can give them the email of the office in her home country. She did that and she remembers interviewing this guy who will potentially end up being my AP too.

Small world out of the hunderts of AP that she interviewed ... .


jin said...

Small world alright!
It surprises me sometimes, too!
Happy Tuesday! :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

WTF 2mch code, cnt undstnd.


Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - happy tuesday to you too. I need a nap!

Phos - AP stands for A_U P_A_I_R and HF stands for H_O_S_T F_A_M_I_LY. A.K. are the initials of my former AP

any more questions?