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Sunday, November 26, 2006

X-mas decos & house guests

Okay so I thought today was the 1st advent (I was wrong its next sunday) but since Grumpy had already brought down all the Xmas stuff we still went ahead and decorated the living room.

Here is my big pyramide

Here are some close ups. This is handmade in my home state. It is only put out during the X-mas holidays. You use candels that lid will make it turn (I have not been able to find any this year)Here is my other pyramide the small bow of light and a smoker. My grandma gave us the pyramide in the middle.All of these are typical hand made decorations for the mining area where I grew up.

This one was was given to us as a wedding present by one of my friends. I had told them all I wanted things that are typical for my homestate (xmas decos and other things too). The mail man smoker was one of our presents as well.

Here is Grumpy putting up our fake tree. I was in charge of deocrating it. Last year I was so busy Grumpy had to do it all by himself. And here is the finished master piece. I put all the ornaments I didn't want the dogs and cats play with on top. I like it its pretty. And this is me after all of it taking a break. Cleo of course had to take a break with me (on me). This snowman is a fiber optic one and sits in the porch where it is seen from the street. And here are the steps coming in the house.

I will post some pictures of my big bow of lights later.

Well the extended weekend turned out to be pretty exhausting. I got up early Thursday and started cooking. Grumpy was working until 6pm so aside of a quick pit stop at my scotish friends house to drop of my famouse apple cake I was home alone. After Grumpy got home we stopped by his parents and then went home for a late dinner. Friday I got up early to get my hair cut and then I had to work at night as I had to do on Saturday. I didn't make any money either night which was pretty depressing. Today I had to go meet one of my HF where the AP could not stand to be there another minutes. So now I have a house guest again. She is nice so its not to big of an issue but my week will be super hectic trying to find her a new home. So anyhow I hope you all got more rest than I did. What does your home look like dressed up for the holidays?


jin said...

The tree looks really PRETTY!!!!
MMmmm...I remember my Grams having one of those things with the lit them & it turned around. COOL!

(Still LOVE those blue walls!!! :-)

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - thank you thank you. They are called pyramide very popular in Germany. I bet you could get one at the christkindle market in Chicago because they fly the vendors in from my home area.

Justmee said...

Very nice. I like the blue walls. :)

My house looks like trailer trash gone amuck on xmas. Wait thats my neighbors house.

Dino aka Katy said...

Justmee - thanks my walls have all different pastel colors. my bedroom is peach, the guest room is turquois, the kitchen lilac the dining room lavendar and so forth. Hey I can't see your profile or find the link for your blog :(

Justmee said...

wow a rainbow of My bathroom is peach. I love it. Blogger has been messing up. I'm not sure why my link isn't showing up.. This could be a good thing though. lol

Lesley said...

I am so jealous of your pyramide! My mom has one and I've always wanted one of my own. I should check around -- I'm sure there's someplace in either NY or Philly where I could find one.

and btw, I think your new haircut is very pretty! :)

Dino aka Katy said...

Lesley - Thank you, I am sure you can find some just check online. Or you can go to Chicago and check out the christkindel market there.

Justmee said...

Hi Katy, I just left a comment for you on my blog. Let me know if the sitefeeder is working okay now. thanks

Coaster Punchman said...

1. My parents have one of those pyramids and it was always difficult to get the windmill adjusted just right so that it would turn. Maybe we were doing something wrong.

2. Can I have Cleo?