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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Party part II and answers

Alrighty, it did take me a bit longer but here are the party photos.

First off Happy Halloween.

The party was held at a friends house (actually he introduced Grumpy and I and became a Justice of the Peace so he could marry us) not to far from the house.
Grumpy and our Host
Costumes were a requirement. Initially Grumpy and I were going to go as Catholic Priest and me a catholic school girl however when my costume arrived I found that the skirt would not be suitable outside the bedroom. So I dug up my old (9 years) medieval dress and cape and Grumpy was going to go as a pirate. He couldn't find a hat or bandanna so he went as the ghost of a Pirate instead.
Aren't we spooky?????
I have to say there were some really good costumes at this party and I am sorry I have not gotten more pictures. There was a Willy Wonka and an Umpalumpa (I am sure I misspelled that one).
Mark Anthony and Cleopatra gave us to honor of their presence.
So did King Arthur here with my English friend Paula.
They realized they both have the same birthday and where trying to count that with their fingers.
As you can see Paula went as a Naughty school girl but she didn't have to buy a costume for it as she really did go to Catholic school.
She even found a priest to forgive her sins (20+ years since her last confession was just the start). In additions to saying several Hail Mary's she was also sentenced to be the Morality patrol for the party and to spank any guests that were misbehaving.
As it was a Halloween party and everyone there did misbehave at some point she was rather busy all night long and her ruler had a worn look to it by the end.
Of course no party is a full success until there is at least one person so drunk the he/she passes out. This lad ended up sleeping it off for a while just to wake up in time to puke all over the sun room.
But our hosts were gracious and arranged for him to get home safe while cleaning up his mess.
Great party guys.
The next one is December 16 wanna come?

I know you (all 3 of you) have been waiting patiently for the answers to the Fun Facts so here it goes.

1. I enjoy sleeping naked (well semi naked I usually wear panties)

2. This one should have been easy as I just wrote about it. I've been attacked by a cub.

3. I have to say Grumpy is really good about putting the lid down (actually both lids since I don't
want the kitties and pups drinking out of the toilet)

4. Yeah I don't know to many people that would eat Grasshoppers they creep me out.

5. This is a trick question. I wear my hear long mainly because it grows very fast and I can not be bothered to run to the hair dresser once a month. That and the emotional scars from looking like a boy with my short hair cut when I was young. I do generally cut it once every 2 years and then donate it to Locks of Love. I tend not to tell Grumpy when I do it and he is shocked when its all gone - it takes about 2 years to grow to my waist and I refuse to have to worry about it when I go to the bathroom so that's when I cut it.

6. That one is another trick questions. I was and will always be a goth so I used to spend a lot of time at night in cemeteries in Germany. But those are huge parks and not like here. These days in lack of big park cemeteries I go to the park on a nice day and play with the pups

7. I was a "Baywatch" babe. Is the correct answer. I used to lifeguard at the Baltic sea and I loved watching the show. Go on snicker but I am standing my ground I liked watching the show and not just because of the half naked cute guys but there where a couple of episodes where I actually learned things.


Vampire Real said...

You learned something from baywatch!

So can you run in slow motion?

jin said...

(LOL @ reals comment!)

Great pics & you & grumpy looked cute together!

So, how long to go before your next haircut? I remember it being pretty long when you were here.

Katy said...

Real - nice new name I like it. No I never managed that skill nor can I swim underwater with out my hair being tied back.

Jin - Mhh proably 6 months. Right now its a few inches short of my waist line.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like it was a great party!

I wore my grouchy old con-of-a-bitch costume and apparently it was pretty effective because the little a-wipes tossed orange sludge at my garage. Next year it’s Exlax tootsie rolls for the lot.