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Friday, October 06, 2006

need to vent

ARG some people I tell you!!!! So I have this really nice Au pair that has spend the last 10 month (i think) with this family that moved into my region a couple of months ago. She is nice quiet, from Panama. The first time I met here she was in tears after a few minutes telling me who she couldn't wait to get home because all American were mean. I had met the host mother a few minutes prior to us leaving the house and my first impression was that they are not the warm and fuzzy type of host family.
Anyhow for awhile she thought about just going home but then she decided to stick out the rest of the time as it was only a couple more months. So next week is when she leaves and she is soooo excited about going home. I had to go meet the family the other day and the host mom (who works from home in her own time) said she couldn't take her to the airport. I told her about the shuttle services in the area and then went on with my business. This week I get an email from the Au pair saying the host mom refuses to pay for the shuttle??? WTF this poor girl lived in your house, took care of your kid and you can't be bothered to get her to the airport or pay for the shuttle????? So now I have to take of from my day job, drive 200+ miles round trip to get her there. I am sure the next au pair is not going to last long and I do not care what corporate wants me to do I will not lift a finger to help that family find another poor girl to make miserable!!!!!

On happier news

*I need your alls help with this game.
*I finally got to caught up on all my blog readings and the pageant.
*polished of Jin's sweet box and have a new favorite.
* Grumpy made the mistake and took the

to work where he was promptly mobbed by coworkers. One who said she was going to check out Jins blog and order goodies for herself.

So now I am ready for my regular schedule - well maybe not ready ...


Polyman2 said...

Your a good person to help that girl. So Jin's candies are finger licking good? Got to get me some.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hey Katy, I need a ride across town tomorrow morning - 0800Hrs ok? Bring some of Jin's chocolate while your at it.

jin said...

LOL @ poly & phos!
If Katy picks me up we'll deliver goodies to you two!!

Re your rant: Some people are so rude!

P.S. Should we tell phos & poly that you ordered a cake from me that you'll be eating on Sunday? *giggle*

Katy said...

Poly - you so have to order some.

Phos - is that 0800 your time or mine? Sorry ate everything except the cake for sunday

Jin - ahm what cake???? I dont have any cake

The Phosgene Kid said...

It was probably a spice cake too - rats!!!

Bubs said...

Welcome back. And thanks for reminding me about Jin's confections, we live just a couple hours south of her so we'll have to visit the shop some time.

Sorry about the au pair family. Some people just ain't no good.

Katy said...

Phos - I am wouldn't know as I know nothing of a cake

Bubs - year you are really close. I was in Crystal Lake when I went to see her. I used to live in your neighbor hood (Arlington Heights)

Bubs said...

Arlington Heights?! Good lord, that's right next to Mount Prospect! And that's where I live! Yow.

Katy said...

yeah my first host family who's au pair I was lived there. From there I moved to Crystal Lake to the family that I am still in close contact with.