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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I had fun

Grumpy and I just got back from a wedding. I had a really good times and it is so rare that we get to go and have fun on a Saturday night. One of Grumpy's fraternity brothers got married and a lot of the guys from the fraternity were there. We were running late for the ceremony and the ceremony wasn't all that. The bride is the preachers daughter so a lot of the service was the father/preacher telling the groom how he should be. It was (or just felt like it) a long ceremony and the fun didn't start until the reception. The guys were talking about old days and I really liked most of them and their spouses. We laughed, ate and just had fun. Now I have to hit the books and finish homework and tomorrow its back to cleaning and then off to freeze my butt off while working at Busch Gardens.


Tableside Hack said...

BUSCH GARDENS! Sweet! Is this the one in Tampa (though your reference to freezing leads me to believe not)? I haven't been reading lately so I am out of the loop.

Bubs said...

I love a good wedding, where everyone seems to be having a good time. Sounds like a nice weekend.

Katy said...

Hack - yes you assume right its not tampa. Its the one up here in Williamsburg and its going to be cold. They just called me to come in 2 h early because they are short handed so it will be a long night.

bubs - it was nice not sure about the rest of the weekend. standing around in the cold wearing a dirndl for 8 hours is not my idea of fun. hopefully it will be busy

The Phosgene Kid said...

I like weddings too - as long as they are someone else’s - ha! I really enjoy the receptions.

So are you the German rep in “It’s a small world after all?” at Busch Gardens or what?

jin said...

Sounds like you had a fun night!!!
Hope Busch Gardens wasn't too awful today.

Here's one of the aspartame links I was talking about the other day. It has links for all different types. Scroll all the way down for side effects. (This one is VERY technical.)

Here's another link. This one is a bit easier to read.

Katy said...

Phos - I work in the gift shop in Germany. Its fun but I do it for the benefits (free tickets and 30% off food and merchandise)

Jin - thnks I'll check it out.

Steven Novak said...

My just got back from a wedding as well...she said it was the absolute worst wedding in the history of weddings...which made mwe wish I had gone because it would have given me some good bloggage. ;)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Great, how much are the Kinder eggs?

Katy said...

phos - no kindereggs. but rittersport. you know you can get kindereggs from

Brooklyn Frank said...

Weddings often make for good writing fodder. If you don't pass out drunk during them, that is.

Note to self...

jin said...

You must be really busy lately!

I hope you aren't still sick?!!?

Have a nice weekend!

Katy said...

Frank - yeah this one was pretty low key but fun. I haven't been drunk and passed out in years and never at a wedding :)

JIn - no much better thank you. Yes very busy trying to catch up.