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Monday, October 09, 2006

I am loved Part II

Okay so now that I had a few hours of sleep let me start on the post. I will try to upload the photos otherwise I'll link them.

So Friday ended up being a crappy day all around. My cell phone took a bath and with that I had to go by my THIRD Razr this year. Yes number 3!!!!! The first on got stolen while I was waiting to go through customs in Germany. The second one is the one that took a bath on Friday, I hoping number three will be around a bit longer.

After getting the phone I went to the restaurant. We were not very busy but considering the weather - rain, rain and more rain - that was kind of expected. I did get the owners okay to get what I wanted since it had just been my birthday. So here it is.

Bruschetta, with Garlic bread (I like that better than the toasted french bread) and a Campari Orange as my appetizer.

Then Penne ala Vodka with Broccoli and lots of Romano Cheese (sorry new phone, pic is kinda blurry).

And here is dessert. The exotic bombe. OMG it was soooooo good.

After that I went home and was asleep before I knew it. Saturday the weather kept being crappy translating into me not getting out of bed until lunch. Since Grumpy and I are starting our diet today (Monday) we decided to go Nawab for some yummy Indian food as we are not going to have any for a while. Work was pretty slow again that night. I got home and went to sleep totally forgetting to take Jins cake out of the freezer like she told me to.

I woke up at 9 am Sunday with that thought in my head. Raced downstairs got it out and just set it out in the dining room. I had to interview a new family for the au pair program prior to the au pair meeting so I loaded up the car put the cake on the front seat and hoped it would be defrosted on time. Apparently the weather was trying to make up for the last few days and the sun came out warming the truck while I was in with the new family. The interview took a bit longer than planned and I still had to go to Walmart get a pumpkin, soda and some paint and cutting tools.

So I was about 15min late to the meeting. Most of the girls were already there and when I walked in they all sang Happy Birthday to me *sniffle*.

It was so cute, there I am in the living room, holding the cake and all and they are singing to me.
And they even got me a present. I could believe it. Check this out.

Knowing my love for Italian they got me a Italian Basket with Chianti, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Sesame bread sticks, Penne ala Vodka sauce (mhh wonder how they got the idea I like that), Anti pasta salad, Pasta and Gnocchi, Red peppers, Hot Chocolate, Pesto and even a flower. It was so nice they took time to get all the things I like. I can't wait to get to the point of my diet where I can actually eat most of this.

So now it was time for cake

See October is Birthday month where we celebrate the each others birthday. So I asked Miss Jin to make us a cake. Knowing that she loves to be creative I just told her it would be for 18-20 people and left the rest up to her. Wanna see whats under the thick layer of Belgian Chocolate Icing????? Really are you sure - you may drool








Okay we have chocolate, red velvet and butter cream. To die for!!!!!! My German au pairs were in heaven they couldn't get over the fact that there was someone in the US that knew who to bake. One of the Germans looked at me with this expression of wonder and disbelief and said "This is the best cake I have had in this country". Now that is a huge compliment coming from her (she's kinda picky about her desserts). I didn't hear a word out of my Latina girls when I looked to why, they where all more of less licking their forks and plates.

I had to fight to get to keep one piece of the cake so I could take it home to Grumpy. (He polished off his plate in record time to!!!!!)

After eating cake, painting and carving Pumpkins I went and met Grumpy to go to Busch Gardens.

We had a ball. We watched some cool shows, the best being the Magic show.

I tried the video but with the stage lights you can't see much but you can here the songs. We met Grumpy's brother and his family there too. It was funny we kept running into them after we split up as his nieces where to young for the haunted houses and mazes. Honestly I think I wasn't old enough either. I would walk behind Grumpy one hand holding his hand the other holding onto his shirt.

We got home pretty late so after some cooking (the diet thing requires preparations and stuff) I fell into bed.


jin said...

YAY!!! Am so glad everyone liked it!!!
LOL...Did it unthaw in time? I bet it was a little cold yet? LOL

Oh, NO! Not ANOTHER phone?!!? How'd you drown it?

I'm so glad you had a nice Sunday!!!

Your meal at the restaurant looks really good, too!

Katy said...

Jin the cake turned out awsome, it was unthawed and yummy.

It a bit embarresing the phone thing. See I was talking to Grumpy and went to wash my hands so I put the phone down (we had hung up) and when I went to grab a paper towel it got caught and flew into the toilet. I got it right away but it was too late.

Cherry! said...

Cake looks fantastic, I only wish I could eat something like that right now! Damn weight loss!

Polyman3 said...

Sounds like you had some
wonderful fun, & cake.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you had a great birthday!! The food pictures look good. I take pictures of my food in restaurants all the time. Drives the wife nutz!! I really enjoyed reading your post

Katy said...

Cherry - we started the diet the day after :)

Poly - we did

Phos - so how come you never post those pictures?