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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am loved

I have some really cool pictures and a pretty long post about this weekend but I can't upload them and I am to tired for the post.

Today after the Birthday party with the au pairs (hence the b-day cake from Jin) I met Grumpy at Busch Gardens. Check out the videos for one of the shows. I will see if I can upload and write the full post tomorrow so come back and check for it.


jin said...

YAY! It arrived almost perfect!!! I'm so glad the pink chocolate & writing on the top was intact!!!

Um...I made it a little taller than I normally do... *giggles* cos it was for you! :-D

Did everyone like it?!!?

Hey, that video was ACDC!? Is that who you saw perfom?

Katy said...

it arrived perfect that little imperfection was my fault.

Yeah it was hugh but soo good I still had to fight to save a piece for Grumpy

It was a halloween show at Busch Gardens with a Magician no ACDC wasn't there but the show was soo cool