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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I knew it!!!!!!!

So I have been saying for years that there is something in the food here that makes you fat and most people look at me skeptical. Well when I got into work today my manager told me about a conversation her husband had with the major diet and gastric bypass surgeon during surgery yesterday. The surgeon was on vacation in Italy and notice what the people ate there and the fact that they were not as fat as people here. He started to look at some of the ingredients and it hit him - corn syrup

(if you read this you knew that already from Leslie's blog).

He remembered that in the 70's during Nixon all the farmers had a lot of corn left over and were taking a financial hit and no one really wanted to buy sugar from south America so they came up with the idea to put corn syrup in all the food. Well guess what corn syrup does not get metabolized it is also addicting and causes you to be hungry!!!! So when my managers husband told my manager that, she told him that I had been saying there was something in the food all along!!! Ha I was vindicated by a renowned Doctor that knows all about diet and foods.

Also here is the recipe for how I made the fake mash potatoes (P.S. I lost 15 pounds so far!!!!)

Take frozen or fresh cauliflower cook it until it is very,very soft

Mash it add butter, heavy cream and nutmeg to taste and enjoy.

If nutmeg is not your thing here is a recipe with salt and pepper

P.S. (its 11:30pm now) here are 2 pics of the mutts - they laid behind my computer chair watching me work.


Lesley said...

I felt the exact same way when I figured it all out!

I've found out another interesting thing since then -- the high fructose corn syrup interferes with the hormone that tells you when you're full. So that means that if you have a can of Coke with your meal(150 calories) you will end up consuming an additional 150 to 200 calories because you're not getting the "I'm full!" message!

So that can of Coke actually yields 300 to 350 calories!!!

I think it's outrageous! This product needs to be removed from the food supply!

Katy said...

lesley - yeah I had heard that too. I like fresca as far as sodas go but I haven't checked if it has fructose corn syrup. But lately I have been drinking water and herbal teas anyways. I did check on some stuff that I brought from Germany and found that there is really none of that in it so maybe I just need to find a German Grocery store that ships me things here (could be tricky with things like yogurt and milk)

jin said...

I haven't touched that stuff for about 4.5 years. I used to try to tell people about it, but most people won't listen. They have to find out for themselves. I'm glad you know now! YAY!

Well, I'll let you in on another one,(& it's a BIG ONE!) believe me or not it's up to you...I'd shout this stuff from the rooftops if I could! LOL

Here goes:
PROVEN to add pounds faster than you can imagine AND a major contributor to diabetics everywhere....

you may also know it as:
Sweet n Low
etc. etc. etc.

Any diet soda you buy has a form of it in.
Any 'diet' foods that say 'FAT FREE' (most times, unless we're talking carrots here) have it in.

Yes I know doctors tell diabetics to eat it...which makes me VERY ANGRY! It's another HUGE money racket just like the HF corn syrup thing.

I've got some great links if you're interested, I'd have to track them down, though.

Glad to hear about the weight you lost! GOOD JOB!!! :-D

Katy said...

Jin - I think there are a lot of preservatives that do the same thing. I usually use sweetners in my Ice tea but when I cook bake its sugar. I am not sure if I can give up on diet coke or Fresca. Sure dig out the links.

Tableside Hack said...

KATY! Greeting from the islands! I have been down here about a month, getting situated and working out my plans, and have completely neglected contacting all my old friends. Well- old friends also includes those who communicated with me over a vast space. So this is a hello and a greeting from Trinidad. ... now that I am thinking about it, this really serves no point.
Well, have a good day.

Katy said...

HACK - I am so happy you stopped by. Glad you are getting settled and please let me know how things are.

jin said...

I like the added pics of the pups!
They are SO cute!
Are you feeling better? *I hope!*

The Phosgene Kid said...

Devil be damned farmers - always knew they was up to sumthin'!

Why mash up perfectly good cauliflower?

The Phosgene Kid said...

There's something in the food. Ya, chocolate - Ha!

Bubs said...

Katy have you read "The Omnivore's Dilemna"? It talks about the industrialization of our food. And corn is a big part of it, corn sweeteners, etc.


Katy said...

no I haven't maybe a should