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Friday, July 13, 2007

working hard

Okay I just spent the last 2 days labeling all my posts (all 240!) so now I am up to date.

Yesterday started of very annoying and I ended up being really pissed till later in the day because of it. I am NOT a morning person. Those that know me in person will attest to that. Anyhow I had not even clocked in when my manager cornered me asking if I had put the bagels someone had brought the day before. I told her no I had told our lab tech she could take them home. So my manager is like KATY!!!! those were MY bagels. I was like you mean ours and she responded no MINE. Apparently her monitor had brought her a dozen. I was like sorry. But here is where I got pissed off. Everyone in our office knows that the stuff on the kitchen table is for everyone. She didn't tell anyone there are hers nor did she put them away when she left. I refuse to feel bad about giving them to our lab tech. Her husband lost his job, they have to kids and right now have no money. While my manager has a ton of money. Why the fuck would you get that upset about 4 lousy bagels that were given to someone that can't afford groceries right now? See our tech wont accept if you offer her "charity" but she will do it like that. We also have another lady in the office who has her kids and grandkids to feed. She and her husband ended up raising the grandkids because her daughter is dying from MS and her son is also disabled. They don't have money so when people bring us food and its still on the table by the end of the day I tell her take it. She told me my manager yelled at her for that. Nobody will eat it the next day so whats the big deal. She also bitches when I tell the guards that escort patients that are in jail they can have some food. That kind of cheapness just pisses me of to no end.

Anyway I downloaded skype yesterday. Have you checked this out? Its the thing that lets you call people via computer. If they have it its free. Hendrik uses it and said to download it so we can chat. Turns out a couple of my other friends are using it too. Yeahhh

Work tonight sucked must have been the friday the 13th thing. The daytime manager worked and so my section was set alot most tables turned over. My tables all had drinks, some had appetizers and the checks were nice sized but the tips just sucked I mean like this one dude left me $80 on $73 and then I got $128 for $115 and so on. I mean i should have made $150-$200 and made $80!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better since I only worked today and tomorrow so my paycheck next week will suck.

Well its time to go to bed here is a picture of Cleo roaming Macs bed - I think she just wanted to remind the Great Dane that it is her house and she just lets her stay in it.


the not so "new" mom on the blog said...

I too would have been pissed! I cant stand it when people are so selfish and shallow! (I work with lots of those kind too).

Glad to hear you are not a morning person because I DO NOT DO MORNINGS, very well either!!!!!

Coaster Punchman said...

My God, is your manager a cheap c___ or what? I was almost tempted to type it out in full.

Dino aka Katy said...

NMOTB - yeah it annoys me especially when they can afford it.

CP - yep she is. I mean she will not spend more than $2 on lunch unless someone pays for it. And she'll get pissed off we got lunch on days she wasn't there and someone took the left overs. SHE DIDN'T PAY FOR IT!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Is your manager Dutch or something? Give her a couple bucks, tell her to go out and buy herself some more bagels and the go F**k herself. If you give any of the prisoners bagels, make sure they don't have hacksaws baked into them!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - no she isn't. As for the prisoners unless they are my patients I don't give them food just the guards

jin said...

That's so cheap/selfish.
I hate people like that.

I will check out this skype as soon as I get a chance!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah no kidding right but hey Karma is a bitch so guess they'll have it coming 3 fold!!!