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Monday, July 30, 2007

Wish me luck

sorry for not having posted awhile.

I was going to write Friday but I was still to annoyed. See some time ago a friend of mine said she'd give us tickets to her cousins show. Which I thought would be cool but by no chance ever thought to ask for. Anyhow she had said she asked for 20 tickets and it shouldn't be a problem. Well as the concert date came closer I asked her about it and she said the is still waiting to hear. Thats cool. But then I talked to her the week of the concert and found out she had gotten the 20 tickets but is waiting to get more. So for whatever reason she gave our tickets to someone else. Well long story short she never got any (more)for us and we did not go. The thing is I would have never expected tickets or asked for them. I mean I think her cousin has a lot of talent but frankly its not our type of music so it never occurred to me. It just annoyed me that she would invite us and then give the tickets to someone else.

Anyway Saturday was okay I had crappy tippers but what else it new.

Sunday Grumpy and I were both off which is a rare occasion so we decided to head to the Omni Hotel near by for brunch. Grumpy used to cook for them and has been telling me about it for years but one of us usually worked so we could never make it. So we slept in and then headed there. While the hostess is seating us someone calls both of our names. I see this short lady walking up to us that looks vaguely familiar and turn to him to ask who it is. When I turned back she is in front of me hugging me and I read her name tag - its Grumpy's old girlfriend. (she claims I stole him from her the truth is when I was still married and we were just friends I used to spend ours defending her and sending him back to her! Crap so the hostess sits us in her section. So we just look at each other like "great". Well aside from that Brunch was good. I had two Mimosas and lots of food. She did do a good job and I do not think she put something in our food. She also let us use a buy one get one free coupon so we paid 20 vs 40. Very nice indeed. The rest of the day was spent doing homework for me and Grumpy went to go by a new microwave and detailing the truck. Later on we had a pretty bad storm and we noticed water dripping from the ceiling. After some investigation we came to the conclusion that the water must have come down to hard for the gutter to handle so now we need to find out where it comes in and how to patch it up.

as for the title of this post. I got an email Friday from someone whom I worked with for years on G.S. K trials. Anyhow it was an empty email just the subject saying G.S. K is looking for C.R.A in your area apply on the website. I couldn't find it Friday and emailed her back. So she emailed me what to look for and I just sent of my application. It would be so awesome if it worked out but I don't want to get my hopes up.


angel said...

way cool if they accept your application! a "mimosa" is chamagne & orange juice right?

angel said...

ooh, i wanted to ask what you thought of "blood canticle", the anne rice book in your side bar. i'm a huge fan of her and i've read all the vampire chronicles!

jin said...

I swear I left a comment here last night...I read this! :-S

Glad you had a good breakfast anyway...that would have weirded me out a bit with her being the waitress!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Good luck! *fingers crossed*

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - yes Mimosas are the perfect breakfast drink! And yes I love her vampire chronicles too. I am rather upset that she stopped writing them. I loved the last ones where she combined the Mayfair witches with them.

Jin - yes it was weird. and I did watch her closely when she prepared our waffles ;)