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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Spaceage parking garage

So I get this email today from my mom (a fwd she got) about this new parking garage in Munich that is all automatic and takes only 20% of room to store of normal parking garages holding the same number of cars. Included in the email were the following two pictures. And since its all automatic its not like the parking attendant is gonna scratch your car right. As I am looking at these pictures I finally figure out why they look so familiar. This isn't a parking garage this is the VW storage facility in Wolfsburg.

And how do I know that you ask well well, when Grumpy and I went to Germany 2 years ago for our honeymoon one of my friends had given us tickets to a Sunday brunch at the Transparent Phaeton factory including a tour of the facility. It is really neat you can see everything. And the tower where they store the cars is like the one above. The factory is right next to the botanical garden and the area of the factory is beautifully landscaped.

I told Grumpy right then and there that I WILL have one of those.
I will pick out every feature I like, go to the factory and pick it up after a yummy lunch in their restaurant (the brunch was amazing!!!) It will save me the money for a rental car while in Germany. And at the end of my trip I will drop it of at a port (now being a used car) and have it shipped here. I can't wait I figured maybe 5 years from now give or take a few. I know it looks just like any other sedan but you can't see the goodies that are inside!


L&D said...

That parking scheme is just too weird! Can't this, I don't know, lead to some amazing disasters? :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nothing like a fresh car just picked form the car silo. Tearing up the autobahn in a poor man's Porsche would be a hoot. I had an old Mercedes and could cruise at 230 with no problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with L&D! There is nooooo way I would want to sit in a car that high up off the ground on top of a really narrow ramp and also what would happen if you didn't reverse the vehicle back in a straight line and missed the ramp. It's a longggg way down to the ground and I'm sure you would lose more than a few teeth ;)


Dino aka Katy said...

L&D - you aren't in the car its all automatic its just a storage unit. No humans anywhere just robots

Phos - yeah I think it'd be so cool

L - again you would not be in there all robotic but you got to admit its pretty cool looking

angel said...

i think thats spectacular- what a wonderful space saver! and i woulda never guessed it was a car factory!
you do know that vw is HUGE in south africa! in fact- there are four of us who share an office and i'm the only one not driving a vw!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - they are great cars!