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Monday, March 21, 2011

News news news and change

So I took the leap. I went and applied for a new job with a couple of companies that work all around the world. I figured if they have offices in Germany I may at some point be able to get transferred there. I had two offers and decided today to go with P.are.xel. I will start April 4th with a week long training in Raleigh, NC followed by training at home. Yes AT HOME. I shall stay put for at least a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. While I will be doing the same thing so after my training period is over my schedule and travel will most likely be similar to what its now but I figured it can't be any crazier than it is now and at least with this company I get to head toward my long term goal - heading back to Europe.

Well let me get some rest I am in NYC all week and forgot to check the weather. Its been nice and cozy down south but its still cold up here and I forgot to bring the right shoes/clothes :( guess I'll be cold.


Coaster Punchman said...

Wow. Does your husband want to be in Europe too?

Dino aka Katy said...

CP - yes he is open to this. We talked about it for some time over the years. We also talked about his idea to open an American Sportsbar in my home town :) we shall see how many of our ideas can/will come true but this job is a step into that direction

Angel said...

Shoowee Dino! How exciting!

Dino aka Katy said...

Thanks Angel