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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Orleans and other travels

Its only the second week of the year but as you know if we are friends on facebook I have been out and about. I was in St Louis last week. Can't say I was impressed or would volunteer to return. The city reminded me of Detroit and not in a good way. Downtown shut down at 6pm including restaurant.

Right now I am coming from New Orleans heading to Columbus. I am almost done with my book so I figured I post via email (which will sent once landed) to keep up with my New Years resolution. New Orleans was different. This is one of the cities I loved going to before the storm I hadn't been back since so I knew I was in for a sad welcome back. The hotel was right of canal just of block of Bourbon street but you wouldn't know it. All around it buildings were empty boarded up. I headed into the French Quarter the first night and will there were lights and places open its was very different from before. Going down to Decatur you came across lots of places close and boarded up. There seemed to be more unsavory characters out and about too that before and I don't mean the drunk tourist kind. The second clinic I went to today was in such a sad state. Next to a house that had fire damage and was just left there and a boarded up grand palace hotel that was standing there like a ruin. I talked to one of the nurses a little bit about the aftermath and one thing she told me was that after the storm the rents skyrocket. Causing further hardship and forcing people out. Silly me I would have lowered them to get more people to return, that way more people could help with the rebuilt.

I hope they get a break and will be able to restore the city to its former glory and sooner rather than later. I always loved going to New Orleans and not just for the yummy hurricanes.


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Angel said...

Such a pity that the buildings and houses in New Orleans are still run down and abandoned...

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel- yes i found it very sad especially when i heard from one of the nurses that rents rose after the storm instead of staying the same forcing more people to leave