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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gee January is not yet over and I broke the post at least once a week resolution already missing last weeks post. In my defense the week was nuts.

It started with a 3am wake up call on Monday to head to Wheeling WV from there it was off to Buffalo after i finished in Wheeling Tuesday afternoon. The drive was interesting started of with rain as I headed north switched to freezing rain, hit some heavy fog along I-90 by lake Erie and then snow toward Buffalo. I worked crazy hours all week in Buffalo - the weather was awesome freezing cold and snow. I had to dig out my car every day :) Yes I loved every second of it.

Since i had to be back in upstairs NY Monday I stayed the weekend instead of going home for less than a day. So Saturday I went up to Canada to hang with Julie and to give my charity contribution. Yep cut off all the hair its currently on its way to Locks for Love to hopefully make a nice wig for a child some day.

Sunday I hoped back on I-90 to Rochester where I had dinner with a friend before watching the Steelers beat NY at the hotel. While no football fan as a wife of a die hard Steeler fan it was my duty to watch and text comments to Grumpy during the game.

After working Mo-Tue in Rochester it was back to Buffalo for a day and then finllay heading home Wednesday night. One of these days I'll have to have Grumpy film the greeting ritual that goes on when i get back from these trips. The puppy fell all over herself trying to say hello.

Since i am driving to Florida next week the baby will get to come with me. I can't wait this way i got someone to fight over the blanket with :) I'll get to hang out with Ms Jin and JDC too and they'll get to meet Boo.

So now its past my bedtime. Grumpy and I went to see Green Hornet tonight in 3D but it wasn't much to write about.


Angel said...

I shoulda told you to give Jin a big hug from me when you saw her!
So how do you manage with all the travelling and driving?

Dino aka Katy said...

well if all stays as planned I'll see her again in a few weeks so i can do it then :)