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Friday, July 22, 2011

Anyone still there?

So much for my new years resolution of posting more often - last post was May 19 that's like 2 months ago wonder if anyone is still reading this old blog.

So what have I been up too??Besides napping with the puppy????

Well things are well with the new job, just had my eval talk today and it the company is very happy with me :) now lets hope that translates into more $$$$$.

Grumpy and I did find a property we like and closed on it last week. 5.7 acres in the country but only 30min from the beach. Its partially cleared which is great as we can put the trailer right on in. We still have to get a well dug, power hooked up and sewer installed per the country's rule if we want the to leave the trailer there which kind of sucks. We were planning on doing it just not right away but then we also didn't realize they want an arm and leg for the damn well. Either way I can't wait until we got it all done and can enjoy weekends with the pups. Grumpy was out there today putting up no hunting allowed signs up so the deer can have a safe haven. I am sure the pups will love running wild out there but because there are hunters I told Grumpy I'd put the pups in pink tutus so they wont be mistaken ;)

We have friends coming from Germany next week so we've been trying to get some ground in this chaos also known as our house but don't seem to make much headway - oh well I never said I was a housewife.

I have been moonlighting as a guest writer on a new blog - if you haven't yet hop on over to The Clumsy Eater and check it out. I often have to eat out while on the road which lets face it I am on the road every week - I send in my reviews for the places I find on my trips. So check it out as there are more things reviewed than just restaurants.

In other news hubby and I decided to check more seriously into the whole adoption thing. Its not gonna be anytime soon we know especially here in VA and us not having the kind of cash one needs for private adoptions or adopting from another country but we figured it can't hurt to get the process started. We haven't given up the hope that somehow we get to experience the joy of pregnancy and all the fun associated but figured our child is out there somewhere. Since we usually don't do things the easy and conventional guess we shouldn't expect having children to happen that way seems our stork is going to work a little harder. I probably wont post to much about the process since the whole baby issue usually gets me super upset and super angry. But if there are news no worries it will be announced we are guessing it will take somewhere around 2 years assuming they'll even find us worthy which with my current job and travel schedule is still a big IF.

So I better get back to chores I am leaving Monday for Arkansas and fly from there to NYC to pick up my friend and godchild.

Hubby took picks from of the land and I'll think I'll create an album for the land so you guys can see how it comes along


jin said...

Thanks for plugging The Clumsy Eater!

Hope all goes well with becoming a mom... you will be wonderful with a child.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Congrats on the land. Sounds as though you are taking the Davey Crockett route and settling the wilderness -- the well may be expensive, but it'll come in handy later.

Hope the adoption route works out for you. All the dogs and cats have thrived under your care -- always a good sign for parenthood.

The Phosgene Kid said...

When's the house warming??

Angel said...

So awesome that you have the land! How cool to have your own spot off the eaten track to spend weekends on!
Strongs for the adoption process Dino. I have an American friend living in Germany who is now also going to set off on the adoption road after battling with fertility issues for years.