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Sunday, March 04, 2007

my new toy

I just got back and I didn't have any time to sightsee I did try to take some time to figure out my new toy. Grumpy had given me a Olympus a few years ago as a christmas present and it has served me well and takes great pictures as you all have seen on the blog. However being a gadet lover I wanted a new one. I had noticed the old one was not taking as good indoor picture as it used to and so forth. Anyhow with some help from Mr. Jin I picked the Olympus SP-510 UZ (ultra zoom) . I had hoped to have some time at the meeting to go and play with it but was to busy. I did take some shots and you can see them here.

After the meeting was done last night I went to have dinner with one of my host families that moved up here to DC a few years ago. We stayed in touch and when one of my girls switched families they needed a new AP because theirs wasn't working out either and I thought they'd be a good match - well almost a year later - I guess I was right. It was good seeing the host mom and the AP.

Today after the meeting I went to the Pentagon mall which was near the hotel. That mall is one of the only two places that I know if has a SWATCH store. I have had a swatch since I can remember. They are awsome, fun designs, durable and waterproof. I tend to get a new one every year. And this is my newest one. Like it?

At the mall I met up with a good friend - get this she and her spouse may come to Germany with us in December. See thats where Jess and I met she was living in my dorm while teaching English at my college. Grumpy likes the idea since that way he has someone to talk to and go to museums too while I goof off and reminice about old times with my friends and do the boring errand stuff ect. After catching up with her I met another friend she has worked with me for years in the research stuff. Her and her cute daughter and I had a late lunch and then it was off for me.

The drive home was okay some traffic. Now its time for homework. I am off tueday and wednesday night so if the weather is nice I may the camera out and practice some more so I have it down when I am leaving for San Diego on Thursday.


Gareth said...

New camera, new watch, trips all over the place, free flights back to Germany - I believe I know who 'Grumpy' really is - Bill Gates!! :D

Dino aka Katy said...

Gareth - LOL @ gates no not by a long shot. These are perks of my jobs. See I get points for certain AP stuff which I cashed in for the camera, I fly all over for my research job and those frequent flyer miles I cash in for tickets to germany ---- lots of work

jin said...

COOL Swatch!!!

I used to have several of those! I forgot all about them until this post!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice camera - we should be seeing lots of dog photos, because everyone knows dogs are highly photogenic.

I have had the same plastic SpongeBob watch for the last five years, with the original battery.

SaM-GiRL said...

wow.......i envy you for your job then... Love the swatch, Im also a swatch fan, mostly coz its a "fun vibey" watch... and not stuck up. Hope to see much more pics with your camera now.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - you forgot about swatch??? How is that possible????

Phos - I did take a couple of Sassy the other night but just in her "house" I couldn't get her to sit still long enough outside. I was planning on going to the beach today or tomorrow with them and take some pictures there to practice more

Sam - don't envy they sound fun in theory but I work hard and am totally underpaid (like $20/h underpaid) if I didn't like them I'd have left before now --- as of now I am counting the days until I get my degree this fall so I can go get a job that pays me money not just "benefits"