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Friday, March 09, 2007

I petted dolphins

I love my job not only do I make money to pay the bills (well most of them anyway) but I get to travel to cool places too. Lately I have been Miss social butterfly at the meetings normally I just go to the meetings and spend the rest of the time doing homework and catching up on sleep but all the once this year have been at places I knew people. In January I went to LA were one of my former AP's joined me I also had one in Orlando and there I went to see my mom. Then last weekend the meeting in DC I had 3 different people to see - So I had dinner with a former HF and AP of mine one night then met an old friend for coffee the next day and had a late lunch with yet someone else.

So this week I am in San Diego for a meeting and here are "my Marines" stationed. (for those new readers one of the kids whose AP I was joined the Marines and she and her fiance and stationed here). So needless to say my social calendar was full for the 2 days here. After getting in yesterday I checked in and then went to get my rental car downstairs from Enterprise (a bit pricy but they were in the hotel) and headed to Sea World. You all know how excited I was about going since I had never been. It was only about 10min from the hotel and there were barely any people there yahhhhh. If you want to see all the photos go to flickr I uploaded them in the original size so you can view them big or small. I took over 160 photos but I will only post a view in order not to bore you.

The first place I went was the artic exhibition. There I met these two nice polar bears. They even had snow in their home.

They were next door to the Beluga Whales (sorry if I misspelled it) Those too were having a ball the first place you could see them above and then you could go underneigth where I got this picture from. Unfortunately they were doing some work on the Penguin exhibition so I did not get to see them I did how ever catch the Seamore and Clyde show which was sooo cute. Check out the otter. (click the picture to enlarge it)

My next show was the Dolphin Coluseum. They also had two whales there (forgot the race) that where the only once of their race that perform anywhere in the world. One was called Bubbles. Check out the flying Dolphins below. My favorite was Shamu. It was so cool to see the Orcas they did a whole show around one of the trainers - how he always hoped to see one and one day as a boy was in a Canoe and they where right there and then he became a trainer. They had 4 Orcas out all together some were pretty young and I think they were bred there. The Orcas aas well as the dolphins loved to splash and all the lower rows got soaked. I was in the top row for Shamu because I was running late. I had driven half way down the interstate when I realized that I had forgotten my Busch ID and without that I would have to buy a ticket. After the show all the trainers and (I guess) their supervisor had like a team meeting. He showed them a few gestures and stuff he wanted them to do different. After a while Shamu decided that as he is part of the team too he needs to have an input. It was so cute.

My last stop was the dolphin encounter. There I got to pet a real life dolphin well actually two it was soo cool.
I didn't do any rides since I was by myself and its kind of boring that way. I kept calling Grumpy who started to get really annoyed since he was trying to nap.
I really liked Sea world and can't wait to have kids and take them there.

Speaking of kids, they came and got me and we went out for dinner to the Hardrock Cafe. Maureen had never been there it was fun.


Beth said...

I Love all the pictures! I love people that post lots of pictures!

Sea World is the best. We used to have one here inOhio, but they moved it. I would love to swim with dolphins, wouldn't you? they look so "rubbery" and cute!

Great pix!

Steven Novak said...

I like Sea World as much as the next guy...but...well....that smell... ;)


SaM-GiRL said...

awwwwwww! its beautiful!! Why doesnt South-Africa have places like that!? Weve only got Ushaka, but its not half as nice, oh and I think theres a place in Cape Town, STILL, this place looks amazing!

jin said...

Looks like you had a great time, too bad Grumpy wasn't there with you.

Hey! Go over to scuba! You have a supporting role in Hippo's new film!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Aha! I posted your surprise.

Hey! I been there!

P.S> Stop hanging around blog trolls!

Lesley said...

Your pictures are great -- that new camera is very nice!

Sea World is so fun. Seeing those pictures made me want to go! I remember seeing Shamu at the Sea World in Florida when I was about 5 or 6. Hmmmm... does this mean there's more than one Shamu in the world? Would Sea World trick us like that? ;)

Glad you had fun.

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - thanks I like pictures too help break up the post

Steve - it really didn't smell I can't stand the fish smell and was fine there

Sam - I am sure you guys got pretty places

Jin - yeah he would have loved it. Didn't I get an awesome role???

Hippo - trolls what trolls????

Lesley - I am sure there is more than one shamu.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The first picture is a great shot of nanuk, I didn't know he was down visiting...

I like eating canned tuna, just on the off chance it may have some dolphin in it.

jin said...

Heeeheeheee....phos you are SO bad!

Katy, you did get an awesome role!
You are a Guitar Goddess!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

PHOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS - I can't believe you'd eat Flipper!!!!!

Jin - yeah me the one with no musical talent (hihi)

Jewels said...

Oh that little otter is SO CUTE!!! He's looking pleased as punch as he claps. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!);)

I have a love hate relationship with these places. I love that I get the chance to see these wonderful animals, that, unless I lived by an ocean, would never get to see in my life-time. But I hate that they hold these animals in captivity. It breaks my heart actually...

Dino aka Katy said...

Jewels - I am sticking to your story too. All the animals seemed to enjoy it there were a few times where they didn't want to leave but I understand the hate part too. I am the same way. They said many of those animals where born there so I guess if they never new the wild they would miss it but I found the Orca and dolphin enclosure pretty small.

Bubs said...

That is so cool! Great pics!