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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and that heard at the airport

Originally uploaded by dino0477.
Wow what a day. This morning I head f. Fawcett passed and now while waiting at the airport I hear Michael Jackson died. What was amazing is that the entire airport was buzzing with people talking about ja ckson dying. Mobil websites were down and even blogger locked up. I haven't seen people interacting like this since that day in September 8 years ago.
RIP to both as they did have a effect on our (pop) culture no matter if you feel that was positive or negative.

Looks like my plane will be delayed - 30min to take of and no plane in sight. So i guess it will be a long night. But at least I get to go home. The weekend will be busy getting ready for our visitors that are arriving next weekend. I will be in Philly on Monday and then DC on Thursday for work. I will just stay in DC till Saturday as it doesn't make much sense to go home for a day and then drive back.


angel said...

Glad you'll be home for the weekend!
MJ dying doesn't bug me either way...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I really love the picture!

yeah I also think it's amazing how people are this interested in michael Jackson...

here's another sad story, but I feel it's nescessary for people to know:

I hope you will have a nice week!
We finally got some summer weather here!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Re the treatment in the post below:
have you considered adoption?

I have 2 children and I very much wanted them and love them, but to tell you the truth, giving birth has been a complete nightmare everytime.

All I can say: don't do this to yourself!