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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just another weekend

It's kind of weird to have the house to myself for the weekend. Grumpy went fishing with some friends of his for his birthday so its just me and the pets. I played in the pool then went to the gym (i know its was silly should have played in the pool after the gym) then went by the German Restaurant to check with the cook. Her Granddaughters are graduating tomorrow so she had asked if I could cook for her. It has been like 9 years since I worked in their kitchen full time. I had helped out a couple of weeks ago when their kitchen help was out but the cook was there so tonight should be interesting. I don't worry about the night part but the prep work stuff. Since I don't want the food to taste any different. After stopping at the German place I went by the Italian restaurant that I used to work at. Saw the owners new baby and hung out for a while as I waited for my bruschetta. Its always fun to hang out there and I miss working there but I just dont have the time anymore. He did ask if I would help out if people are on vacation which i said I would if i was in town. Speaking of being in town it was nice to just be gone one night this week. I am gone 2 nights next week and then all week the following week. I am so glad things will slow down once June is over.

I can't wait for July when my friends from Germany are coming while it will be interesting trying to fit 8 people in my little house - plus 2 big dogs.

So if you saw the twitter/facebook update yesterday you know that the meds are not working so all that money pretty much went down the drain never mind the black and blue belly from all the injections. Now they are talking about drilling my overies and while they are in there they are using a camera to look around and also flush out the tubes again to make sure they are open. I have to say I am pretty nervous I have never been hospitalized never mind had ansestishia. Besides even the doctor even said she didn't know if this would help me since I haven't reacted normal to any of the treatments. I mean I only had 2 cycles on this latest medication and I am already resistant to it. I wish someone would explained to me why all those people that don't want/shouldn't have kids can and there are so many that want to have kids/would make good parents aren't able to. Guess its fair to say the universe has a cruel sense of humor.

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angel said...

Oh Dino... How I wish I could say something deep and insightful and make it all feel better.