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Monday, August 11, 2008

wedding and reunion

The wedding was great. The bride looked beautiful the groom looked dashing and the flower girls were adorable. After the ceremony we went to the reception were yummy food and cake was served and lots of alcohol was consumed. I even danced. I did go the entire reception barefoot because my shoes were to high and uncomfortable. The only damper on the evening was when the next morning the couple realized that someone stole 500 euros from them. Since it was held in a type of community center with only the closest friends and family present it has been heart wrenching to think who could do this. The only stranger was the DJ.

After helping cleaning up the next morning ( I knew having been a dish washer for a month would come in handy some day!) I headed out to meet up with the peeps from my middle school of who I haven't seen many since 1992 when those of us attending high school split. It was wonderful. We met our old teacher at the school did a walk through, sat in our old classroom (still the same curtains and all) and walked down memory lane before heading out to a restaurant which we ended up closing some time after 1am (we met at 3:30pm!) we didn't realized how late it was until we got hungry again and found out the kitchen had closed some time ago. It was such a great night we laughed so hard and talked so much.

I still can't get flickr to work the way I want to so here is the link for the picasa album for both events. My time here is almost over and while I am looking forward to Grumpy the pets AC and my pool I am very sad when thinking about leaving once again.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Really takes a rat-bastard to steal from a young couple. Glad you got to see everyone though!!!

angel said...

i am glad you enjoyed the wedding- but its heart breaking that someone would steal from them!