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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hi from Germany

Sorry I have been scarce just got busy. So Monday we landed (Mom and I) in Germany. The flight was not as bad as the one Grumpy and I were on in december but it wasn't what I'd call a good flight. Once we got into my hometown we had to get a wireless modem as my broadband card did not work despite that I had called Verizon and they assured me it would! Last night was the Polterabend for the wedding. The happy couple decided to have the party a couple days before the wedding so noone would have a hangover on Friday - and yes I am sure many suffer a hangover today. I am dizzy but since I stopped drinking hours before I left at midnight I do not think this is a hangover. Today I am heading out to meet up with my friends - the parents of my favorite twins. Tomorrow its workday - cleaning out the basement and storage room. Then Friday is the wedding - I am to be at the brides house at 10am to get ready and be moral support. I am also crashing there since I wont be able to drive home. Saturday is my middle school reunion and Sunday its of to see Oma. Monday is full of appointments, Tuesday is shopping and packing, Wednesday we are to go see my aunt and uncle and Thursday so 3am we have to head out to the airport. Busy little bee. I doubt I'll have time to post much so I will upload all my photos to click and post one of those modules that will rotate them - when you click on it you can see all of the pics from this trip = so far there are only the once from last nights party.

1 comment:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Guess that answers my question as to when you are heading back - you are already here and partying hard!! Prost!!!

Have fun - can;t wait to see the photos!!I really need to get back there again some day, Germany is such a pretty place.