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Thursday, August 14, 2008

so much for dinner

until 3 hours ago it looked like everything was going well we boarded the plane we taxied I fell asleep. I wake when the engine rev up and notice we don't take off. the captain announces a light in the cockpit went off and it needs to be checked. after a while he states we need to go to a gate so a mechanic can check it. a bit over an hour passes we are still on the plane its hot ... then the announcement more tests needed but it looks like it was a false alarm. more time passes - yes it was a false alarm but now we need to refuel. tic toc ... now we are refueled but can't get a take off slot until another 1 1/2 hs. so here we are on the plane hot as hell. at least I brought food since I hate plane food. they finally handed out water. there is no way we'll make the connection and my back of chocolate I bought is melting in this heat.

UPDATE (9:35pm)

So after being trapped in the plane for 5hours they finally let us go - the flight was canceled. We had to go back into the terminal and wait for 3 hours to be rescheduled. Now we are in a hotel they put us in until we leave early AM tomorrow to try again to get back this time with a layover in Manchester England. What sucks is that I am supposed to work tomorrow never mind the fact that I had planned on floating the in pool right about now after hugging Grumpy and the little monsters - nope instead I am in a airport hotel. My shoulders are killing me from handling our heavy luggage and I am not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. Wish me luck that all will go well and I'll be home tomorrow night


The Phosgene Kid said...

Good luck! Hope you have a safe and quick trip home!!!

angel said...

thats dreadful... truly!