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Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's been THREE years

Us at our wedding 05.05.05

Wow it's hard to believe that tomorrow is our third anniversary. Funny enough it's the first anniversary that we are able to celebrate together. I was out of town for the past two needless to say Grumpy was anxious to find out if I was going to be around this time.

We are heading to Charlottesville tomorrow where we'll check into this lovely B&B. I have a visit at my site on Tuesday which is why we are heading out that way. Grumpy gets to do the tourist thing while I work Tuesday. Speaking of tourist thing here we are on top of a 2K mountain in Austria during our Honeymoon in June 05.

Piztal, Austria 6/05

Well in other notes. Grumpy is working hard now being the GM of the store. Lots of hours I rarely get to see him awake for more than 5 min. I wouldn't mind if his paycheck would catch up with him but those people are soooooo slow and he hasn't even gotten his assistant Manager raise yet urggggggggg

Oh I decided to spend more time scrap booking. I have boxes of photos that need to be put in albums. I did a scrap book au pair meeting this afternoon with one of the peps from Creative Memories and got her schedule for the crops she hosts. This way I get one day a month where I'll do nothing but scrap booking for several hours.


Beth said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Jared said...

Congrats and happy Anniversary!!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to you!!!

angel said...

happy happy happy 3rd anniversary katy katy katy & grumpy!!!
i love scrapbooking too-0 and i try to do one day a month with my mommy darling... and i also have STAX that i wanna do still.

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth, Jared & Phos - thanks so much

Angel - Yeah I try for once a month and have been good about doing so for a year but I still have tons of pics not to mention a bunch of digital once

The Phosgene Kid said...

I've got lots of scraps, Yukon has been at the garbage again - want 'em for your book???

Bubs said...

Happy anniversary! It gets better and better after the first year or so.