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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tags, new toys and more

I have been terrible about blogging lately. Reading as well as writing. I don't know if it is the fact that I am glued to a computer most of the day or what. But I do have things to write about so brace yourself this will be a bit of a long post.

First things first - I GOT A NEW TOY. Isn't it cute????????? I am totally in love with it. Its the T-mobile wing. My company really wants us to go blackberry but I just can't go from smart phone to blackberry so after an hour or debating in the store the Wing is what I got. Its so great it even talks to me and tells me whats on my schedule and the titles and senders of emails. I love the touch screen (stylus included in the phone) but the hideaway keyboard makes emailing so much easier.

I also downloaded this new program I found - MyPersonalDiet. This program is great to keep track of calories and exercise. You enter your goal, pick a diet and then enter what you do and eat all day. It tells you after each entree if you need to lose calories or gain more. I ended up going to the gym twice the first day because it told me after dinner i had to burn 800 cals to stay on track. It has a lot of food preprogrammed but also lets you enter your own stuff. That feature is good for me since most of my foods / meals are not found in there. I tell you the program has been an eye opener to me you don't realize how much calories you truly eat and how much calories some of the foods have.

On other news I finally finished my wedding album and honeymoon album - or so I thought. I did finish the honeymoon one but as I went through my box of photos to decide on my next project I realized I still had stacks of wedding pictures. So when I go back to "craft club" later this month I will try to finally finish the wedding album - I mean its been 3 years!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see nothing much new from the job - still love it and I found out the other day that I get to have a new site in Las Vegas and I am to be the back up for one of the other girls in my team that is to have a Hawaii site starting late this summer. How cool is that, I get to go to Vegas once a month and potentially Hawaii everyso often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to the tags

Angel had tagged me eons ago - I can't find her post so I have to go by memory - it was to post a screen shot on what your desktop looks like so here it is - this is what the desktop of my home laptop looks like

Eternally Curious
tagged me this weekend via comment. I am not sure for what the tag was but her latest is the 5 Things so I figured that shall be what it is.

List 5 things in my bag:
Wallet, PDA, T-mobile wing, pens, Garmin Nuvi

List 5 favorite things in my house (sorry there aren't enough favorites in my room):
my pets, my TV, my books, my magic bullet, techno gadgets

List 5 things I've always wanted to do:
skydive, vacation on a horse ranch, drive a motorcycle across the US & Europe, learn to scuba, go along on a mission to help the third world

List 5 things I am currently into:
scrap booking, blogging, working out, watching TV, reading

So there you have it. Anyone what would like to be tagged - consider your self tagged for either or both.

I am off to the gym I need to work off some calories so I can actually have dinner! After that its off to wash clothes and pack since I will be in Charlottesville most of next week.


jin said...

cool toy!
I always giggle when I see
'magic bullet'

The Phosgene Kid said...

magic bullet?? Probably don't want to know. Cool new phone. I have an old Motorola POS 1000.

Cherry! said...

Like those two above I also noticed the magic bullet first!! hahaha! Loves it!

angel said...

oh wow- your new toy is just awesome! i WANT one!!!
i am so glad your job is going so well! its the kind of thing i love to hear people say... sounds funny- but i'm serious.
how did you do your albums? do you scrapbook?

Beth said...

ahhhh, your "phone" is great and I want one! can't really call it a phone tho since it does so much more, huh? ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd be happy to have a phone that would act like a phone - so much for the "more bars" hype...

Bubs said...

Very cool phone. You can send us pictures and emails from your monthly jaunts to Las Vegas. How cool is that?!