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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

too early

I finally went to bed about 1am - my alarm went off at 3am. I am so not a morning person!!!

So now I am sitting at the (almost) empty airport. I got lucky with the security check in. The guy infront of me took forever to get his stuff together - take off shoes, take out computer and liquids ... - so I skipped in front of him. Well the TSA people were doing the lets check every 6th person thing he was number 6. Had I stayed in line it would have been me. HIHI I mean I had enough time so it wouldn't have been a big deal I just don't like them taking my bags apart. Besides I would not have been able to post.

Quick update on the past weekend. I finally made it home sometime after 11pm. My friend from NY state had come down for the weekend and picked me up. We were going to have dinner but the delay canceled that plan. So we just went to the house chatted a bit and crashed sometime around 2am. Saturday we went out to get the ingredients for Maultaschen as she grew up in Germany and its one of her favorite things to eat. They turned out okay and she happily munched on them along with some wine she had brought for us to try. Sunday was here before we knew it. We had lunch at the German Restaurant were some of my au pairs, former au pairs and friends joined us. The food was good as always. After my friend left to head back up to NY I went home for a well deserved nap. After traveling the whole week and having a busy weekend I was pooped. Grumpy and I were going to go to the gym but I just couldn't get moving.

Yesterday was my office day I did get some stuff done. After finishing up in my office I headed over to the my old job and office to get some of the stuff done there. I was pretty productive and got through a lot before meeting Grumpy at the gym. After that I stopped at the Italian restaurant to show the owner some stuff on his web site. Of course the discussion eventually got back to this whole mess ... You know I am over it and I am tried of explaining myself. There a lines you shouldn't cross and once you do there is no coming back. To me the most important part is how people act after they screw up as I believe that shows their character.

Well they just called my flight so let me get packed up. I am sure I'll post from Cleveland - after all we are going to the Rock and Roll hall of fame there's got to be at least one post in that one!


angel said...

wow, all the travelling would eventually get me down, truly! your weekend sounds like fun, i wouldn't have wanted to gym either, teehee!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - it was fun but I am ready to just vedge for a few days