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Monday, March 24, 2008


So there I was sitting in my office this morning checking my emails before heading off to the gym to be tortured by Brandon (I think its funny that I pay to be tortured) when I looked over and there it was - a mouse so I went screaming upstairs waking up Grumpy so he can go and take care of it. He has to go get some poison first so I took my laptop with me to the couch after I got back from the gym.
Speaking of the gym I have been going religiously but I don't feel like I am getting results. I meet Brandon twice a week for an hour and the other days I do either an hour of cardio or a class. I mean I can tell I get better at the cardio thing but otherwise I don't see anything which is annoying.

The weekend was pretty low key. Friday I was at a dinner party at one of my new coworkers - it was fun - her hubby is a motorcycle mechanic and there is a good chance I get to go riding with him this summer as he has several bikes. Saturday I met with one of my host mothers to help her with a web site and then Grumpy and I went to the gym. Sunday two of my formers au pairs stopped by. One had come as an au pair in 2004 - she is back on a work visa. The other had come in 2005 and just got back on a tourist visa. It was fun to see them.

It looks like this will be my last calm week. I have most of my assignments and have to go to different meetings in the next couple of weeks all while trying to have some off time and all


Jared said...

I would have screamed like a little girl. I mean I would have acted all manly if anyone was around, otherwise girl screaming.

You sometimes have to get someone else to give you feedback on the gym thing because the changes are gradual and you might not notice them.

If the cardio is getting easier than there are defiantly good changes.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jared - well being a girl i get to scream no matter who's there. I'll give it a couple of weeks before I'll see if people notice

Kingcover said...

Eek, eek, eek, eek - oh dear I guess it's still alive Katy! ;-)

Dino aka Katy said...

KC - not funny

The Phosgene Kid said...

Busy, busy!! We get mice here from time to time, Mrs. Phos found evidence they were in our garage.

Jewels said...

Might you not choose to deal with your new little roommate more humanely? Pretty please? The traps aren't expensive, and they're re-usable too, so if any other of its little relatives needed handling, they you'd already have the tools at hand.
Poor little thing was probably just looking at snacking on some little left over crumbs. :(

As for the workouts, I hear it at the gym all the time, and it's sad to see how many people give up, because they don't see results after three weeks.

Here's the gist: You'll start 'feeling' a difference in yourself withing two weeks. Within a month, your stamina will be increased, and you may (or may not) start seeing results on the scale. But you WILL most definitely feel a difference in how your clothing feel, and you'll see your shape changing as well.

I usually say 6 to 8 weeks before you start seeing it on the scale.

What happens is that the muscles will start developing, and will start 'replacing' fat. Muscles weigh more than fat, that's why people don't see the results on the scale (they're not getting lighter, but they're getting thinner) for a while. But once you build up enough muscle, it starts to burn the fat.

Good luck Katy, and don't give up.

Keep up the good work. You've mastered the first hurdle by getting to the gym in the first place.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jewels - as for the mouse I entertain a rather large family of them in my garage and under the house who live there BUT when they BREAK INTO my office their are fair game.

As for the gym I do notice some changes just not in size. I went to the Pilates class Friday for the second time because the previous Friday I was out of town and I noticed it didn't hurt as much and I could get through more of the exercises - so I plan to hang in there

angel said...

heh heh... don't mean to giggle at the mouse story...