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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Catching up

Its amazing what power coffee has. I finally got to the hotel about 12:30am and didn't get unpacked till after one so it was around 2 that I fell asleep just to have a wake up call at 6:45am. I had a few rough stretches during the day where I was fighting to fall asleep.

Alright so here is my catch up post. The new job is going great. Aside from the fact that I can finally pay my bills when they are due and still have money left over I am enjoying the work. I am still learning a lot of things but at the same time I do know a lot of the stuff already. I can't wait to be done and have my own sites. I have already finished most of the requirements so it should not be long now.

The hotel for the meeting is not bad I managed to get on the top floor which comes with cool perks like a happy hour in their club lounge that includes good and booze for free so I am happily sipping away. After all the alcohol should kill the bugs. I thought that we had to pay for our own dinner so I brought some of Jins goodies. But I found out I was wrong so I will have her scones along with the pasta I ordered and the cookies will be snack food for during the meeting. As you can see I also ordered dessert - I never could pass up raspberries. This sorbet was soo good but also huge so I put it in the freezer shelf of the fridge and hope I can eat it tomorrow.

Here are some of the goodies that were in my sweetbox.

These are heart shaped chocolate dreams come true

I couldn't resist I had to try them - they melt in your mouth. Here is how the box looked like when I got home. Those peanut ones are for Grumpy.

Here are some pet pictures check out Misty she is in Macs cage and doesn't care that Mac is right there

Awww aren't those three adorable???


jin said...

First... your dinner/dessert looks soooo good!

Second... glad you like the hearts!

Third... I don't see the big p.b. chocolate cookies in the box. I sent big ones AND little ones.

Finally... cuuuuuuute animal pics!!!

p.s. Dare I ask what the weather is like there???

Eternally Curious said...

Love the photo of you and the puppy! And I am so happy for you that your new job is working out so well! You so totally deserve it!

angel said...

oh i've missed you...! sorry dino!!!
the jin-box looks spectacular, as always, and i would taken some with me even if i dod have to pay for my own food!!! i am so glad you're loving your job :-D

love the furbaby pics...

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - the dessert was good but to much I couldn't eat it all. There were big PB cookies too he ate them - the weather sucked

EC thanks I like that photo too

Angel - i wish there was a way for you to get a sweetbox I'd totally order one for you. You'll just have to come visit the north americas some time and then there will be one shipped to your hotel