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Monday, May 21, 2007

Still here

Hi everyone,

I am still here. Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.

The last week/end has been pretty quiet. I didn't work all weekend with the wake and funeral. It was kind of nice not to rush around and I decided to hand in my resignation to Busch Gardens. I haven't worked much this season and am not looking forward to work as things have changed and were we used to have all sorts of fun this year that wasn't the case. Besides with the gas prices going up I really don't feel like driving 45min to a minimum wage job. This way I have one day of a week and get to spend my days doing things like having lunch with Grumpy at Nawab (which we did Sunday) and taking the doggies to the beach and so forth.

Most of my weekend was spent trying to fix my computer. My Dell Inspiron had crashed last week and the geek squad said its the hard drive - I told them not to fix it since I had already payed $300 for them to tell me the hard drive is broken. I didn't like this labtop from the getgo to big, only runs like 30min on battery ... I had tried to return it just to find out Dell has a 28 day return policy - and I called day 29! So now I am trying to figure out what to do. I hooked up my moms old laptop to be the base computer (hooked up to the wireless router and my printer) but it doesn't work so a former coworker of mine is coming out to help me. If it doesn't work we'll have to go get a CPU I saw some for $289 at comp USA which should do. We don't need it for things like video games and so forth.

I am hoping not to have to get one right now because then I can go and buy the new Blackberry I want. See I have been holding out for a Blackberry because they didn't have the camera and video camera and they looked kind of funky but I really like this one. I am just not liking the idea that I have to pay $549 (-$200 instant discount). Granted I use my points for it and would probably pay much less than that but still. That means I can't use the points for something else. Oh I am such a gadget nerd. Once I set my eyes on a new one I can barely contain myself. I have to give my self some kuddos because this one has been out for a month and I have not yet ran to a store. I have however checked it out online repeatedly. I even called customer service for T-mobile trying to find out a way to get it cheaper - like adding a new line and so forth. But there is nothing out there. The thing is it wont get cheaper for some time. I mean all the other Blackberries are still like $3-400 and they have been around for years. Mhh I don't know how long I can stand to wait. I just luv new toys and I have been waiting for that one for several years now.

Almost forgot to show you all pictures of my new "sister" - Missy. My mom calls her, her child so that makes her my sister right? Here she is modeling the leather raincoat my mom bought here. To my question about her head and butt getting wet my mom just answered "what you want me to get her an umbrella?" And here she is in her new car. To me she is to small kind of looks like a overgrown rat but hey that may just be sibling rivalry.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Welcome back. Lots of changes for you this week.

I understand you feelings toward your new sister. She comes along and gets all the attention, flashy rain gear, and hot sports cars.

Dan said...

I've considered getting a Blackberry but I wonder if I'm so addicted to e-mail that this will even make it worse?

Dino aka Katy said...

Phos - thanks I knew you'd understand me :)

Dino aka Katy said...

Dan - I did some checking and the dash is even better. and cheaper as for addiction I think it will limit my time infront of the computer since I can answer most emails rihght away from the phone - well T-mobile dash

REAL said...

I love the gadgets also. Me, I am waiting to be able to afford the iPhone. Have you seen the videos. Sadly it will probably only be on AT&T for a long time.

jin said...

Hey Katy!
Glad to hear from you again. :-)

Sounds like a very good decision to quit the Sunday gig.Not worth all that hassle for you. Plus you should have a day off every week!

Haha! I can SO hear your Mom saying those words in that accent of hers. She has the accent that I was sure you had before I spoke to you! LOL!

Dino aka Katy said...

Real - yeah I saw it but I am not that crazy about it. The dash lets you download MP3s and videos so I think that what I am getting (today)

Jin - yeah yeah I know one needs rest my mom was like well why did you wait this long!!!!

Beth said...

oooh, I think someone has a little jelly on their face! It's okay, sibling rivalry is completely normal..

I just got a camera phone and think I am so cool! I would explode with a blackberry!

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - LOL yeah its jelly. Na you'd be okay.

angel said...

hey there katy katy katy!
i'm glad you're okay, you were in my thoughts a lot! your little sister is adorable- is there a family resemblance at all? i don't see it...