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Monday, April 23, 2007


So last week was chaotic as usual. The restaurant has been super busy the last few weeks and I made $100 or more each day I worked. Which is great especially this I am so busy this week that I only have one shift (Saturday) and if by a miracle I do have to got to Miami Friday I have to give that one up too.

So Thursday I get a call from the cook of the German Restaurant where I used to work. She wanted to tell me that she had some German Potato Soup that was left from the day before and also ask if I could talk to a guy. I am like what guy. That's when she put my old boss on the phone who told me apparently there was some guy at the restaurant asking them for help - he is German and wants to stay here. For whatever reason they thought I could help him and asked me to call him. As I am a nice person I did as asked but there is not much I could do in terms of helping him. I advised him to talk to an immigration lawyer and gave him the contact info of a good one and I told him he could always come back and work for Busch Gardens using their international program. Which is only during the season but at least he can work legally for several month while doing that program. We talked a little more about all that when he came by the restaurant Friday night. But again there isn't much I can do for him - he needs to find a job that will sponsor his work visa.

Saturday I had to go and do an exit interview for one of my girls it went pretty quick so afterwards I went by Busch Gardens to get all my free tickets (the poor lady couldn't get over how many I got) then it was home to make pasta salad and head out to a BBQ friends were having. The weather was just gorgeous and I really wished I could have stayed but ... at least were were busy and I made lots of money that night.

Sunday I met my girl friends for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. I hadn't seen my English friend in a while and hadn't really talked to her either since the thing with AJ happened her very best friend died a couple of years ago from cancer and all this has opened those wounds for her.

Anyhow after lunch I went and got some essentials for the AP meeting (cookies, chips, water and a volleyball). The meeting was fun. The trainer taught the girls all sorts of ways of getting out of trouble and I got a new toy. Mhh I bet I could do some damage with that if someone is stupid enough to attack me.

After the meeting I handed out the t-shirts that had finally gotten delivered. See now I can find my boy and girls anywhere I go - just look for the blue. Aren't they cute/handsome.
Oh and I figured out how to use the knowledge I gained making the video. I think I will make one for each year - adding all the AP pictures into it and make every AP do a mini interview. I'll put it on google video (not youtube) that way they can download it and burn it on CD's. I think it would be a cool keepsake for the AP's don't you think?

Some of the AP's stayed around to talk to me and one of them it took me about 30min to calm down. She is relatively new to my area - came from a family in NY state. Her new family has 3 "nice" dogs that the kids play with. At one of the play dates she had with another AP at her house (family was okay with that) the little girl visiting was bitten in the face by one of the dogs. She needed 5 stitches. The AP whose house this happened at is so upset that it seems the family is blaming her - making all these new rules including that she can't see/play with other AP's and kids while working. Now I understand why you'd not want to have the kids over to that house but in general thats a bit drastic. I tried to get her to understand the things the family was worrying about and I think I got through to her in some aspects. Fun Fun - talk about a tough first week - seeing the kid you are to take care off on the floor crying and bleeding ...

Tonight I got to finish my simulation paper - I did finish the simulation and wrote it up so its just a matter typing those notes up so they make sense to anyone :). Hopefully I wont take me all night. This week should be fairly relaxed. I had to tell the restaurant I couldn't work Tuesday and Wednesday which resulted in only getting one shift (Saturday) - so I am off most of the week yeahhhhhh.

I also got my employee night tickets to ride. Click on the picture to get pictures and videos from the official site

I got a ticket for all three nights but most likely I will only go once but I can't wait.

See there would be no way in hell I'd ride it this year unless its on employee night where hopefully the lines are going to be much shorter.


Beth said...

god, you are sooo busy! you have so much going on in your you breathe? Pee? eat? ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

beth - I don't know I just do. I guess its all habit now.

jin said...

You didn't post about it here????????

Did you really WIN?????????

I'm dying here!
I need MORE than what you told meeeeeeee!!!!!!

*jin dances around the room*
Katy won Katy won
Katy's going to Miaaaaaami
Katy's going to Miaaaaaami

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yeah I did a mini post with the link to the resort- check it out our saturday dinner is at "Pearl"

angel said...

wow- i think your idea about the annual video is brilliant and i just love the t-shirts!

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - yeah I mentioned it to some of the AP's and they liked the idea too. Can't take credit for the shirts the agency came up with those.