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Friday, April 27, 2007

I am losing it!!!!

Oh man I need a vacation. So I finished most of my packing last night and got some sleep. I wanted Grumpy to take me to the airport and we could stop on the way there to get some breakfast. Well somehow it was 5am all of a sudden (the plane leaves at 5:25)! So we rush to leave the house and go to the airport - as we pull up (5:15am) I realize shit I forgot my phone. OMG this my lifelyhood I can not be without my phone. With all the AP drama and stuff. Well nothing to be done now - I run to security cut in line and make it to the gate just as they close the doors. Once on board I start thinking about my options - check my voice mail a lot, email everyone not to call but email or get a track phone. Mhh track phone - Grumpy and I had talked about getting one some time back for visitors but never got around to it. Once in Charlotte I go to the Palm store to see if they have one. And they did a virgin mobile one. SO I spend about an hour on the stores phone to set it up and activate it - they were so nice and since it was about 7am not busy. So now all my calls from my cell are forwarded to this number here. And sure enough by the time I get of the plane I had 5 voice mails. Arggggggg

So I arrive in Miami and get stuck on the same shuttle as the chick that submitted 2 videos - she tried to chat with me but I just ignored her as I would have totally bitten her head off for submitting 2 videos when it said "submit a video" a implying one!

Anyhow let me snack on my crackers and go to the beach here are some pictures from my room.

Looking to the left looking to the right.

More pictures will follow later I am sure. Oh and they will show the 8 videos tomorrow and then the winner will be announced Sunday.


Beth said...

nice view! wish I was sitting on my butt on that beach right about now....

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - yeah its not half dead

Cherry! said...

*GASP* No phone!!!!! I would die! But I would've gone and bought another one too!

Dino aka Katy said...

Cherry - yeah I didn't have a choice I would have paid a fortune at the payphone