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Saturday, March 10, 2012

When was the last post???

Really November wow that is so long. I have been posting over at The Clumsy Eater and Can't wait to meet you but that is no excuse.

Life has been good but busy. Work has a deadline and everyone has been scrambling all over the place making sure its met.

Hubby and the pups loved being at our Westgate timeshare in the Smokey mountains. Sadly I ended up working though most of it but loved walking the pups everyday and loved my Spa visit and hanging out in the indoor water park. The pups loved spending time with us, they were too funny always wanting to go where the bears were.

I am leaving for Germany in 5 weeks. I meet up with Mom in Charlotte and then we fly over together. My sisters wedding is the first weekend we are there and then its off to meet up with friends and relatives.

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Angel said...

Oh! I forgot about the wedding!