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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's been a while

I know I have used the title before especially since lately my posts are very far and few between. I guess that is because life gets in the way.

So whats been going on - well the adoption process is going well as you can read about here. We are working on the profile that will be on the agency's website and in their profile book where expected parents will be able to select couples to meet who potentially will raise their baby. Lots of more questions to fill out and we need to dig though our pictures to include so they can see who we are.

On work front things have been insanely busy with deadlines. Ours kept moving and thus creating more work for me since I am one of the few that still has sites where new data comes about every month. Hopefully things return to normal soon. I am also in the interview process for a new position in the company that is a step up but also would keep me home 90% of the time (unlike the 2% I am now). I had my first interview last week and figured since my boss is behind me, actually she has been asking me to do this since last year I have a good shot.

Well I need to run, finish making breakfast then 6 loads of laundry, packing since I head out again tomorrow, get things set up for Germany (19Apr-3May), work on the adoption profile and all this in the next 14 hours. So glad its not busy or anything. Will try to be on here more than less but then I have said that before ....


Angel said...

How did the interview go!?

Dino said...

I made it all the way to the final round but then was told to reapply. The project i am working on is an old one so its not using the new system so they want me to work in the system first. I just got a new project which does use the new system so we'll see - I like my job so I am okay continuing especially now where things cooled down