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Friday, November 19, 2010

I think I left my Brain at the hotel ..

So if you a linked to me on Facebook this is the status update you just saw

I seem to be scatterbrained today. First the stupid car keys then the computer.

So i am not getting home till after 1am tongight which totally sucks as i have so much crap to do with my mom coming Sunday, us leaving next Saturday. Nevermind the part were work is trying to test my limit as if I am not busy enough my boss "volunteered" me to help someone which in this case entails in me doing a site visit in St Louis for them - where a site all of a sudden enrolled a ton of patients. I need to be there at least 4 days just to do a basic review. ARRGGGGG. Here goes my hope that next year will be a little calmer.

I am so looking forward to our vacation next week. All inclusive resort (including BOOZEEEEE) I am so not leaving the bar that's built in the middle of the adult only pool for the week we are there. Bought sun protective clothing so i wont burn :)

Alright lets see what else i can forget till I get home

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