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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday season is here

Wow it feels like we just had Xmas. We started to put up the tree as you can see. I bought a bunch of german chocolate ornaments from the Worldmarket. Growing up we always had edible ornaments its fun plus less to clean up ;). The rest of the decorating we'll try to get done tomorrow and I am sure my mom will finish it for us.
This week was busier than I hoped for, mom got here Sunday and her little dog does not like our puppy so they have to be kept separated. Wednesday I took my truck to be inspected and what should have been a $16 expense ended up costing over $600 which was still only half the cost than what the inspection place was gonna charge me. Thankfully mom covered it for now so I just need to pay her back.
Dinner today was fun even with me starting a fire in the little oven burning the marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole in the process. But don't fear fire was put out no damage (well except for the marshmallows) and I was able to safe the casserole. Food was yummy and there are left overs in the fridge. Tomorrow is busy trying to get everything done, pack and get ready for our trip to Costa Rica. I can't wait to chill by/in the pool.

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