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Monday, December 14, 2009


Here are some more pics of the Texas trip - the rest of story is over at the private blog. It was fun seeing were hubby was born and lived a few years after he finished highschool. He showed me the apartment he lived in and the place he used to work at. We had lots of tex mex and I even had a breakfast taco (veggie version of course). We went out to see his grandma twice which was fun she is such a great character I really liked her. She is one of those that do not take any bullshit. I hope she recovers and gets out of the nursing home like she wants too. She told us to go to this little cafe down the street from her nursing home and so we did. It was Mexican food mainly I liked mine but even more did I like the old building it was in with all the stuff on the walls.

We told grandma hubby (and maybe me) will be back next year and she liked that idea. I did overhear her tell hubby's mom that I could stay she liked me and thought I fit right in :) good to know I got her approval ;)

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angel said...

Heh heh, she approves does she?