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Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunsets and holiday's

Well I have a 4h layover in Miami so I thought i get some of the pictures I have been taking up here. First off I hope everyone has a great christmas. While I am spending a large chunk of Christmas day traveling - sometimes it feels like I spend more time in airports and planes than at home - I still had a good holiday. Hubby and I had a great time at the movie yesterday and then dinner and presents. He really liked the Steelers Jacket I got him and I loved my earrings and the book he gave me. I was a bit suspicious at first - getting a book about how to make a marriage last - made we wonder but he said that he sought it was appropriate since we'd be married at least that long. I thought it was sweet and I liked that some thinking went into my gift. I like gifts better that mean something and dont care about what they cost. So this was perfect. This morning I got up and found him making breakfast for us. He had to go into work real early and after getting back thought to surprise me with food.

No on to the sunsets. I am a sucker for them (like most girls I am sure) and can't help but take pictures of them.

This one I took on the way back from West Virginia the other day this was in Maryland outside of DC. Unfortunately I couldn't pull over so its a bit blurry.

This I saw this week coming home from Ohio on Wednesday. This is on the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel on the Norfolk side. Lucky for me the traffic was slow and I got plenty of time to take pictures. I uploaded the rest to Flickr. I think the cool part about these were that the sun looked like it was plunging into the Navy base and the ships docked there right now.

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