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Monday, June 09, 2008

Things you see while waiting for a plane

I guess there are all kinds of jobs out there. Saw this while waiting for my plane in Philadelphia the city of brotherly love


angel said...

wow... that must be some job.
i s'pose somebody saw a niche in the market- and i reckon if it were my house i think i would definitely get someone else to do it!

Cherry! said...

OMG! that makes me want to throw up! But i guess it is quite entrepreneurial! (sp!?!?!)

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - yeah I guess I would too. Grumpy called the number (I was chicken) and it is a real business

Cherry - yeah I guess it is and if someone got your place all bloody it would be nice to have someone else clean it up (before you sell the house!)

Jewels said...

I kid you not, I had a friend who aspired to do this as a job. She'd never had a weak stomach, and was already in the janitorial business, so for her, it was just a great big pay raise...

Um, I couldn't do it, but these guys certainly get kudos from me for being able to offer this service.